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Brand New Digital Camera For Sale


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For Sale


Minolta Dimage E323 Digital Camera. Brand New Never ever used.


Check it out on anywebsite and you will see that you can net get it cheaper than this Anywhere.


$165includes shipping, To anywhere in the USA or Canada. I use paypal.


Do a search if you like for my name and you will see that I have sold GPSr A computer and other items with complete satisfaction.



If intereste demail and the first person to send payment gets it.








If I am wrong and you do see it listed on the internet at a lower price then email me the page and Ill beat it .

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Well, that is interesting Zoomzoomgoboom ,since you are acussing the Ebay sellers of possibly selling hot items on the net I suggest that you get ahold of Ebay with your "Proof" and let them know.

That really has no bearing on what is going on right here this is not the Ebay site.

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Final warning Zoomzoomgoboom.


You obviously are not interested in the camera so take a hike. Go harass someone else somewhere else.If you are not interested in the camera then dont bother posting here and wasting peoples time.


Any further posts on this garage sale thread that have nothing to do with you purchasing or enquiring about items for sale,will be dealt with.

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