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Cape Cod Cacher

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I was channel surfing and saw on Cartoon Network a Benchmark disk !


My computer or ISP doesn't want me to to connect and get an on-line confirmation. I swear this on a stack of bibles on top of Boy Scout books.

It looks like a bronze disk with the lettering " CARTOON NETWORK"...

Am I the only one to see this ? I know, I know, I know, Benchmarkers are supposed to 'just' watch PBS and History channel, but I swear to God I saw this...

Some back up please ? :rolleyes:

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Cape Cod Cacher,


Of course we believe you...we are your friends here on the benchmark forums... B)








Actually, I have to thank you. I watched a very good movie this morning..."Scooby Doo meets the Loch Ness Monster"...it was very cute but, I am sorry to say that I did not see any "golden benchmark" of any benchmark of any kind....


Where exactly did you see it? Was it a commercial? If you can give me a clue as when to look & where specifcally...I might try to see it too.



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I think this is evidence of a common BMer syndrome, PBSD (Post Benchmark Stress Disorder), where you start to see benchmarks everywhere you go. It starts with your driving down the road, seeing some ribbons streaming from a fence and thinking, "That could be a witness post." Pretty soon, any discoloration in a sidewalk or divot in a park yard get your heart racing. Finally, by the advanced stages you start to see benchmarks on the Cartoon network. I've heard the NGS is hiring psychiatrists to handle our growing problem. Stilll... B)

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I believe I have seen this mystery mark.


It appeared during a commercial break, while highlighting "what's on now" and "what's on next". The screen background appeared to be an asphalt texture, but almost the grayish color of concrete. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen was a disk clearly marked "CARTOON NETWORK".


It is my opinion that this was actually a man-hole cover, though it did have some similarity to a benchmark.

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