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Find Me A Members Only Cache

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I've just taken the plunge and become premium member.


Could someone send me details of a couple of members only caches in the UK so I can prove it's worthwhile (and if it's working?)

Hi Pat,


Run a pocket query and select "Members Only". Then once it's sumbitted don't wait for the query file, theres a link to "Run this query now".


It's bad news though - you're not too far from us and the closest are Birders and they are >60miles away!

Closest Members Only




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Great - thanks people !


The nearest one to me is 73.6 miles away but . . . .


The Birders caches are in the Reading/Crowthorne area and I have friends who live in that area (not at Broadmoor :rolleyes: )


Here's a question though . . . .


If I go caching with a friend, who's not a member, can they still claim the members only caches as finds ??

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I can answer that one. No, they can't - usually. They need to see the cache page to log it, and if they're not a premium member, they won't be able to. However, I have done a MO cache with friends and a nice email to the very helpful owner got it made 'general public' for about an hour so I could log it. I wouldn't deliberately go after MO caches myself as I'm not a premium member and wouldn't expect to be allowed to log them - It was a bit of an imposition to have asked last time, actually, but I didn't know the cache was a MO one when I found it.



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