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Is There Any Hope?

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I did a terrible thing - just let go of the etrex summit for a second too long and it bumped its head on a concrete slab. The damage looked slight but it hasn't been able to switch on since... :D


I can't tell you how devistated I am - we were off out caching for the day.

And it isn't mine - Dan tried to be nice about it but I know he's pretty cross really. :blink:


Is there any hope ?? - it's only 9months old but I don't think I can lie to Garmin and say it broke on it's own because it clearly has a tiny dint in its head :)


Any suggestions - should I ring up Garmin and "come clean" :D

or just throw it in the bin and start saving for a replacement :)


Whatever, thats the end of our caching for a while ......

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If it's not going and you've resigned yourself to that, then you have nothing to lose by pulling the back off (otherwise voiding the waranty) and checking for obvious damage - you might find you've just busted a solder joint or something - relatively easy to spot, and v. easy to fix. As I said - nothing to lose really!


Other than that, I'm sure there are commercial people out there who can repair these things. Even fifty or sixty quid is cheaper than a new GPS...


Good luck!!

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Before you spend on the repair, if as they say £100 for repair or even less. you can get them new for about £60 on Ebay. If the cost for repair is this high, then as suggested get your own bananas into it.


Opps sorry I just noticed that it is a summit.

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I had a summit that was out of Warranty and I dropped it. I managed to smash the LCD display rendering the unit useless. I phoned Garmin and said I had dropped it and it was out of warranty. I added that I was a bit surprised it broke as the GPSR is a summit and therefore is probably used my mountaineers and fell walkers and really should be designed to take a few knocks.


They said they would look at it and replaced it for a new one Free of Charge.


Very good customer service.





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Thanks for all the help and encouragement folks!

I think I'll risk the "come clean" to Garmin method first - of course letting them know how much enjoyment I have had out of their fantastic product :P


You'll know it's sorted (one way or another) when I manage to get caching again. However, if I can't wait that long it might just have to be a trip to ebay for a yellow etrex......


ps - just to extend the story, it was very lucky that i didn't drop it (and break it) when i was out the previous day :rolleyes: . We were up on Kinder (caching of course) when the usual Kinder thing happened - cloud came down and heavens opened, literally couldn't see our hands infront of our faces :unsure: . Anyhow, to cut a long story short, after about an hour of wandering around the peat hags and snow on the top we actually had to use our etrex summit, map and compass to work out where we were and put a rough (3fig) grid ref in the gpsr in order to find our way back to some sort of path junction. Very exciting! (we weren't really lost 'cos we always knew which way was down but we had crossed a few rivers by this point!).

First time we've used the etrax for a not-directly-caching-realted function.

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As someone who has owned several Garmins and several Magellans, I'd like to comment that the customer service from Garmin is superb and that I've had two very disappointing experiences with Magellan's customer "service", involving two different models of Magellan GPSr .


If I broke a Garmin, even outside the warranty period, I'd not hesitate to contact Garmin. If my current Magellan breaks down (again) and if I can't repair it myself, I shall dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way and probably buy a Garmin.


Good customer service is a powerful sales tool and Garmin has discovered that there is such a thing as repeat business in their market.

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