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Pocket Queries Running Today?


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Is there a known issue with the PQ server? I've got four PQs scheduled to run today but according to the "My Pocket Queries" page none have gone off.


Is there a known problem? As an aside, is there any way TPTB could have some sort of server status page so we could go take a quick look and see if there's something up? Something simple for the PQ runner could be:


Defined Pocket Queries: 1542885

Scheduled to run today: 87436

Remaining to run: 43994

Run in last hour: 12846


The middle two lines might be more compute intensive to figure than its worth, but the last line would allow us to see if the queue is running without having to post a "Pocket Queries running today?" message.


Just a thought...


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I have 5 outstanding pocket queries today too. The way I handle pocket queries consistently ends up with them firing off between 10 minutes and half an hour after midnight at the beginning of the day. So empirically, today they are at least 10 hours later than their usual time.


Gary Young

aka Nudecacher

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We did not update the code on the web site, but the secondary database was dropped due to issues with disk space and the Pocket Query Generator is now hitting the primary database. Tonight we're setting up replication again to adjust to the new (faster) server.


Unfortunately, due to the slower speed hitting the primary database, it looks like the PQs will run too slow to send all of the daily Pocket Queries, but new ones should go out fine.

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I just got my one of my Wednesday queries (one of two that runs twice weekly). Seat-of-the-pants reckoning puts it at about 20-25 hours "late".


"Late" is a figurative term here, since the db's were switched, etc.


(Edited to correct brain-to-finger disconnect)

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OK, I've seen three responses from Jeremy, none of which say specifically that this PQ problem will go away anytime soon. I'm not interested in bandaid solutions such as recreating my pocket queries so that I can get them sooner. What I want to know is when I will start getting them on a regular (reliable) basis again?

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I'm still waiting to hear from Jeremy on when the PQ's will start running normally again. I haven't received a PQ for three days and it was a two day wait for those ones. I am a premium member for two reasons, 1) to help keep geocaching.com running well and, 2) to get pocket queries. Well, I'm not getting my queries, so clearly geocaching.com is not running well. Come on Jeremy, when is the problem going to be fixed?

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I have run several pocket queries over the last few days- 4 today alone, and even though they all execute fine, I haven't received any since Saturday night. Any ideas?


Have you checked your "Spam" or "Junk" folder? Sometimes ISP's decide that the PQ's are junk. If you use Outlook Express, or such, and your ISP has a "webmail.yourispname.com/net/org" site, check that as well.


My PQ's have all been running just fine lately.


As a side note, if you are experiencing issues with your PQ's generating, but not being recieved, when you post about the issue, it may help TPTB to include your ISP or service name that you get you email through. I.e. Roadrunner.com or g-mail.

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