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Environmental Concerns In The Pinelands


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I stole this from another group to which I subscribe. I thought fellow NJians might share a concern and want to drop the commision a letter...


The deadline for comment submission to the

Pinelands Commission has been extended by about two months.

Apparently the builders are strongly opposed to this proposed

amendment. Public comments in support of the amendment are more

important than ever! Support is also necessary for adding all

endangered species on the state list to the list of the 54 protected

species on the current list of the CMP. Hopefully we can encourage

the environmental sector to overwhelm the Pineland Commission with

letters supporting both of these amendments


pleas write to:


Pinelands CommissionPinelands Commission

PO Box 7

15 Springfield Road

New Lisbon, New Jersey 08064


Sample letter*************************


It is my belief that the natural resources of the 4,100 acres of

land within the Oyster Creek and Waretown Creek Watersheds warrant a

more protective management designation. I urge you to adopt the

proposed amendment to change the design of these two areas from a

Rural Development Area designation to a Forest Area designation.


Recent studies of the Oyster Creek and Waretown Creek watersheds and

their branches have shown this area to be of much greater ecological

significance than previously estimated. Studies by Dr. Alfred E.

Schuyler and Ted Gordon for the Academy of Natural Sciences, after

extensive field study and surveys in these watersheds, have conclude

that "these areas harbor pristine habitats rich in rare and

endangered species. It is clear that the ecological significance of

this region initially was underestimated by the Pinelands Commission

due to a lack of knowledge of the area" (Gordon).


If allowed to be developed under the Rural Development Area

designation, this area stands to lose many of the rare species, both

flora and fauna, that make our Pines such an ecological treasure.


I also urge you to add all of the endangered species on the state

list to the list of the 54 species that are currently protected

under the Comprehensive Management Plan.

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