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I Want To Give Away A Yjtb To Someone Outside Usa


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(Hello from Oregon, USA! This post was deliberately written very simply - and with no american slang - so that it might become more easy to translate in any language via the free web-translator websites. I hope that is a helpful decision for other people, and that my writing does not look very stupid as a result. :D


Greetings to anyone who does not live in the USA! :D


I have a "Yellow Jeep" travel bug that I want to give as a gift to someone else.


I have been keeping this TB, not setting it free, while wondering what to do with it. I have decided it would be a wonderful thing to set it free by giving it to a geocacher very far away from me. I want to make sure that normally, the far-away geocacher would never have had a chance to get a YJTB. That would make it much more precious than my simply leaving it in a cache near to where I reside.


It would be great fun to find a geocacher in a far away place who would greatly desire this YJTB. This cacher must reside within a nation with a good number of caches (so that the TJTB does not get stuck). However, the cacher's nation should be a place which has rarely seen a YJTB anywhere within it's borders. If the particular nation never had a YJTB before in ANY caches, that would be wonderful.


My guess is that the best chance of accomplishing this goal would be to exclude english-speaking countries.


So that would be my first rule: I will only ship this YJTB as a gift to a geocacher in a nation where the first language spoken there is something other than English. :D


I will pay the shipping charge.


Please write a nice paragraph here describing your country/nation and tell me why I should ship my YJTB to you. Creativity is encouraged. Please limit it to a few short paragraphs. You may also post pictures of beautiful places within your home nation. If you have to make a translation of your paragraphs to English via a translation web site, that's OK. My writing - translated to your language via any translation website - probably does not look very good either. :D


I should set a date for when there is a deadline... so I will say that the deadline is midnight, Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, January 11, 2005.


If you are in a non-english-speaking country, and you have access to a local geocaching discussion forum, please re-post this writing on that forum, both in my original English and translated to your language. Thank you. :D

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Hello Sparrowhawk,


I would love the chance to get my hands on a Jeep TB.


As you can see from my profile, I'm a fairly active cacher. What you can't perhaps see, is that I am almost the only cacher in my region of France (Alsace) - despite a population of 1.2 million people. (In fact there are two other cachers: one has two cache finds, the other has three.)


So the chance of me stumbling on a Jeep otherwise, are "minimal". I would hope to get it going in one of my (few) local caches, to give the (few) other active French cachers a chance to get hold of it.


Thanks for taking into consideration this "poor lonesome cacher" :D



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I vote for sTeamTraen, because Nick is not only an active "lonely" cacher in France. He is also restless to make Geocaching more popular and organizes an Event next May!


(I'm from Germany, have already had a Jeep TB in my hands and have noticed that there are some more traveling through Germany; so I'm not your candidate) :(


Keep on hunting



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I would like to vote also for sTeamTraen. The Jeep won't be stuck there as my guess is that several germans will jump to their feeds to get it but I doubt that anyone would place one there as they are rare in Germany but at least there are some. And I think sTeamTraen deserves a Jeep for placing 12 caches in an area where otherwise would be not even half as much without him. (However, I also think BalkanSabranje would be a good choice. ;-) )


Greetings from Germany,


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