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Originally posted by Bill-W5WAF:

This looks like an interesting container for geocaching...



If this link doesn't work go to

http://www.cheaperthandirt.com and search for "mortar"

That link worked a little too well. You also included your shopping cart ID in the URL.



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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

You have to be real careful where you place something like this. It may look a bit too much like a pipe bomb to the uninitiated.


Oh Man! I never thought of it this way. I just picked up a U.S. mortar tube at a local army surplus store here in town because I thought it would make a great cache container. Not to mention the fact that it was only $4.50 and easily 3 feet long. It's got a pretty good diameter so I think I could get some good stuff in it. Wow, now I am not sure if it's a smart idea to do.


Not that anyone asked, but my initial thought for this cache was to place it underwater. It's a water proof container and does not leak. I thought somehow I could tie it off to a solid object such as a tree and toss it in the water. The finder would somehow (details to be worked out later) find the line used to secure the container and retrieve it from the water. My only stump is how will I camo the line to avoid detection from the non-looking. And of course, will this thing end up floating on me? If that's the case, then it's not going to work as well as I would like it to.





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That's why you should always clearly label the outsid of the container. Remember the unibomber...his bombs were send in finely crafted wooden containers.


The problem is...and I can speak with some experience...is that people (including public safety) officials seem to get a fixation on what a "bomb" should look like. A terrorist or other good for nothing idiot could craft a bomb to look like the most innocent object. Rember the bomb in Lockerbie. It was in a transistor radio. I've heard of bombs in stuffed animals..

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If it looks like a bomb, a sticker saying "Geocache" on the outside probably isn't going to ease the panic of a fearful bystander. We just did a cache that's within thirty feet of some train tracks (it's since been archived)... in a mortar tube. They're not quite as scary as PVC pipes, which occasionally give me pause even when I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a geocache there, but they're a bit on the intimidating size. In a bit of gallows humor, I often refer to pipe caches as bombs (Hawkeye: "What kind of container is it?" Me: "It's a bomb."). I realize this is not wise, and I only do it in the car when I'm sure there's nobody to overhear, but I just can't get past it. Those things look like bombs. Plus, I can't get them open half the time -- those screw-on tops get TIGHT. So, I really don't like them as containers.

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I bought a set of those the last time they went on sale. Someone said they wouldn't come out of the basket, they came out just fine. I brought one of the tubes to work today and had the electricians working in the building cut a section out of the middle. I'll rejoin the two ends to make a shorter tube for a new hide.


All four of mine came with a round ring on the lid. The ring was open so it wouldn't allow the lid to latch down tightly enough. I bent the ring to make it work.


Forgot to mention, the basket is really cool too. Mine didn't have the numbers painted on it like in the photo.


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I placed a couple of caches using the mortal tubes.


Folks seemed to like them. Perhaps too well. Someone found one and took the container. Dumped the cache contents on the ground and ripped off the stickers, then left with the tube.


My remaining tube is very well hidden. It fits perfectly in the hallow of a fallen log. Toss some leaves around and it blends in perfectly.


Ammo boxes can be mistaken for bombs too. Just make sure you label it properly. Perhaps paint it a different color other than OD green. Put some smileys on it. Hide it well. Should be ok.



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While I was living in Oregon there was a place called 'Wacky Willys' in Beaverton, you can get 2 81mm mortar tubes for I believe $2! I used a hack saw and cut the plastic that joins the two. They are very durable and waterproof if the o ring is there. Only minor problem was the opening is just a little small for an adult hand to reach in so items get lodged in the bottom.

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It's funny how people think a terrorist would use something obvious like an ammo box rather than an old "Tickle Me Elmo" doll or something.


I did just come up with a great idea for a cache container though...


Any kind of junk, like a gutted lawnmower engine. Maybe an old VW head, machined out...

the valve covers clip on nicely.


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Don't get me wrong. They aren't bad as long as you hide them in a remote area and hide them well. Also, marking them clearly as a geocache is a good idea, and maybe your e-mail address, or phone # for good measure.


Put don't even think of placing one of these in a popular park or urban area.


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