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Idaho Geocoin

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For those that want to know. Top left, Idaho state seal. Top right, Idaho state tree (white pine). Bottom left, Idaho state bird (Mountain Blue Bird). Bottom right, IGO symbol(Idaho Geocachers Org).


It's nice to see so many people like the coin. Amazing that so many people could come to an agreement on the final design and have it turn out so well. Can't wait to get mine in a couple of days.

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I just talked to idtimberwolf who managed the ordering and distribution of all the coins, and he tells me that all orders except NurseDave's shipped at the latest on Monday (NurseDave's was an unfortunate oversight). So be patient -- they should be there shortly.

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Yep, they all should have been shipped.  If you haven't received yours by now, you may want to email idtimberwolf via his profile and see what's up.  Give him a while to respond -- he doesn't yet have DSL at his new place, so he doesn't have ready access to his email.

OK thank you. I'll email him and see what happens :lol:

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I just want to give a big THANK YOU to "idtimberwolf" and all the other cachers that help him. After he found out that my coins were lost by the post office, he contacted me and let me know that he was talking to other cacher and that they would be sending a replacement.

Now that is class!


Thank you again. You guys rock!!!!

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Ehm... I found an Idaho Geocoin in a cache last week, but there is no number on it. The referenced website (idahogeocaching.org) doesn't mention the coins. Do I need to log it somewhere, and if so, how?

These are not trackable coins -- they're yours to keep or trade. BTW, the web site is www.idahogeocachers.org.



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