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The Best To Start With ??


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I'd say it really depends on your budget! Even though your a newbie now, you won't be -- very SHORTLY!


Buy as much GPS as you can afford. For under $200 you can get a Garmin eTrex Legend, or a Magellan Meridian -- both do some mapping, store lots of waypoints, etc. Even the Magellan eXplorist is sub-200 and appears to have lots of features and memory (model 200).


If you have to stay under $100, then an eTrex (Yellow) would work, but won't give you any expandability once your not a newbie anymore.


Hope this helps, good luck!


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Avoid the Explorist series, the Gecko 101, and any other GPS that doesn't let you connect to your computer via a cable. The ability to download waypoints into your GPS will save you hours of aggravation.


Other than that, buy the most you can affort because it doesn't take long to learn the GPS and the hobby and realize what you will be wanting.


The Legend and the Sport Track Map both have mapping and that's the first thing people tend to want to upgrade to. They are inexpensive and will give you a sample of mapping. They don't have a lot of memory for maps, so if you decide you can't live without maps you may upgrade. The GPS's are inespensive enough to give it to a neice or newphew when you are ready to upgrade and you won't miss it that much.

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If you look around you should be able to find an eTrex Venture or GPS 72 for around $100.


They both have more features and higher resolution displays than than the yellow and they both come with the computer interface cable which usually runs around $20. The GPS 72 also floats and has a better antenna.

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From the cheap & functional camp.....


Yes, the Etrex will find caches. For the most part, all GPS that are currently made are going to have very similar accuracy. The difference is in the bells and whistles.


I'm a staunch lover of the Garmin Foretrex 101. You can up/download points. I don't see the need for mapping for caching/recreational use, personally, it runs all day on 2 AAA's and it fits on your wrist. Its the wonder gizmo that works wonders.


And it averages $50 less than my first GPS, a Garmin GPS 12 (also a fine unit, BTW.) and does more.


Just my non-60c view point. :o

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Thanks heaps for all your advice ... i will continue to ponder a purchase .. ebay seems up an down on pricing .... the eTREX yellow seems a popular choice and do-able in the budget. Will it find caches???

We are also new to the sport, and this is what we bought. We are VERY happy with it, and would definitely recommend it as an entry-level unit!! Our little "yellow" has found every cache we've gone after so far. :D

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The eTrex Yellow WILL find caches... my wife finds more of them than I do when we get to the area! Once your within a short distance, you have to set aside the GPS and use your other senses....


Lots of good advice here, should be helpful!



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As has been said before, etrex yellow, less than $100, gets you within 20 or 30 feet of most caches. Garmin Quest, MSRP $642.84, gets you within . . . 20 or 30 feet of most caches. The difference is bells and whistles.


If you are on a budget, I'd go along with RK. Get something that will connect to your computer, buy the most bells and whistles you feel you can comfortably afford, and go have fun!

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Don't get stuck with both!!! for that $ you could get a Legend. maps are fun!


I just got a Vista to satisfy my "bells and whistles" jones.... but for geocaching there is something i like better about the yellow...... the "nearest waypoints" page.... it lists the 6 nearest caches and in realtime it tells you distance and direction to each cache, reordering the list in order of nearest to furthest. thats kinda cool... my Vista wont do that.... sure... it shows them on the map, provided they are within the field of view.... but that yellow's feature works great for caching i think. Actually caching without a map adds to the the fun of caching i think... maps take away a little of the mystery and challenge. ya might get real close to a cache and even see the spot but still have to find a way to "get" there via another path. thats fun when the caches are tricky like that!


So did ya win the bids? which one ya get?

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