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New Year, New Gear!

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Its time that my trusty old iPaq and I part company. Apart from the XDA (which isn't up to much from what I hear) are there any other Windows based PDA/Phones?


I need to be able to carry Autoroute Maps, GPX Sonar and SpoilerSync on the device which ideally is a phone too (not bothered about camera).


Also I have been using Autoroute 2002 for some time now (three years :-). Is it worth upgrading it for a newer version?


Ta in advance...

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That's an XDA2 without an O2 contract I think.... I know a couple of people with them (XDA2's), and they've been very happy with them.

I'm pretty sure this is a brand new one. It has a slide out keyboard which the XDA2 (I think!) doesn't have.


Besides, as far as I'm aware, this one is quite new to the market, whereas the XDA2 has been available for a while.

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The XDAII, iMate and Orange SPV are all essentially the same unit - manufactured by a Taiwanese company called HTC. I'm sure they'll all do the same job equally well.


I toyed with the idea of getting one, but the deciding factor was whether I really wanted to look a complete geek holding a PDA to my cheek when using the phone. :) For the amount of time I need to use my PDA with a connection in the field, I figured a bluetooth connection to a separate phone would do the job just as well. So I plumbed for a wireless enabled iPAQ instead.


Very happy with it so far. Managed to get gpxsonar working. Just need to find out how to load some maps....

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