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1/4 Mile Off Today, Anyone Else?


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i was looking for a cache today in Tacoma, WA. right after finding it, my accuracy went to +1/4 mile no matter where i went. i reset my GPSr about 4 times, occassionally it would read correctly, then got to being between 1/10 to 1/4 mile off in locations i've been to before.

anyone else having similiar issues today? (between 3:30-4:30 pm PST)

is this common?

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I'm in Federal Way, WA. I was out double checking coordinates for a multi-cache I'm hiding. My magellan was having huge errors today. It would point to where I knew the coordinates were way off, because I had used Photomaps to ensure coordinates from ealier in the week were good. I turned my GPS off and on a few times too. I would have a good reading for awhile and then way way off again. Strange since we had blue clear skies.

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Most Magellans have customizable fields, so I usually customize one to read EPE. If that field should ever go blank, then you know you've lost signal. You could have it alarm, too if you want. Fortunately it's rare that the signal is lost. I had a basic Sportrack that once did the quarter mile thing for no reason, just when I was closing in on a cache. A firmware update might have fixed it, or it may have just been a fluke. <_<

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