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You Know You're Addicted When.....


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A mixture of snow and rain came down in ample quantities and strong wind was blowing. My first thought after a peek out of the window was "That's the perfect wheather to get the new cache in a muggle-infested area". Ten minutes later I started a bicycle tour to actually get the cache.

I guess the fact that I had my gear ready to go in such a short time might be a sign for a slight addiction.

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I found these threads by doing a search.

Signs that you're caching too much

You know your caching too much


My favorite You might be a cacher if

Note the last one is in the off topic section, you need to be a premium member to read it.


For me, it's three FTFs in a row starting at 0530 hours, in the dark (using a flashlight), during a rainstorm, and before going to work.

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1. When you have a broken ankle (from caching) and still find ways to cache.

2. When you have dreams about caching that pick up from the spot you wake up at the next night.

3. When you forget your laptop going to work but have remembered your GPS

4. When you pick up caches on your way to work that are FAR out of your way

5. When you go back many many times to find a cache you DNF'd

6. When your wife says that "We aren't going geocaching on this trip" and you sneak out when she's goes to sleep at the hotel.


There are many more that I can think of but I'm perusing the forums while I should be working (oh yeah that can be #7)

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1) When you want to place a cache at your wedding reception! :)

2) When you go shopping and always look for “swag or different containers”.

3) When in your sleep you yell out “Huckle-Buckle” – I found it!

4) When in your sleep you say “did you find it”, yet!

5) When your caching buddies call at all hours, to go caching!

6) When you set up auto strictly for caching!

7) When you start carrying pre-loaded cache containers every time you leave the house!

8) When you tell the spouse, “I’m only going to do just one”!

9) When you head out at 2:00am for FTF’s.

10) When you say (deny), “I don’t have a problem caching”. :unsure:


When life turns you "blue" - hunt for the "green".

It will always put a smile on your face!

SF1 :)

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You have started each of the past two New Years Days meeting a geopal at 7AM :D to start the caching season with a really hard multi. At least it was a bit warmer this year. :D

I hear ya.... FallenFaery and I stayed in and got to bed at a decent hour :o so we could get up at 6:00 am and be on the road early.

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1. Have you missed classes or work because of geocaching?

2. Do you have trouble refusing geocaching?

3. Do you need geocaching in order to have fun at a party?

4. Do you use geocaching to build up your self-confidence

5. Do you use geocaching to help you relax?

6. Have you tried to give up geocaching and failed?

7. Do you crave geocaching as soon as you wake up?

8. Do you get into trouble because of geocaching?

9. Do you crave geocaching at a definite time daily?

10. Do you lie to others about how often you partake in Geocaching?

11. Have you gotten into financial difficulties because of geocaching?

12. Do you often wish people would just mind their own business about you and geocaching?

13. When you are in a store, you look at every hollow object as a potential cache container.

14. You spend most of your time in a dollar store looking for swag.

15. Everywhere you go, you are always looking for a hiding spot.

16. You get really excited when you find a new park.

17. Do you check geocaching.com web site more than once a day?

18. Has your GPSr ever been confiscated "for your own good"?

19.You no longer visualize/think of the city in terms of streets and addresses but rather cache locations.

20. When you start giving out coordinates instead of map directions to a particular location (like your house).

21. You’ve had more “conversations” on your Garmin than on your REAL cell phone.

22. Your wedding invitation features a Difficulty / Terrain rating.

23. You realize you can now read the hints without clicking “Decrypt”or looking at the key.

24. You get distracted watching movies because you keep scanning the background scenery, thinking, “That’d be a GREAT place for a cache!”

25. Everyone else puts a quarter in the coffee fund jar in the office break room. You TAKE a quarter, leave a Travel Bug, and cover the jar with pine straw.

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Geocachers Anonymous Meeting. And it's on my ten-mile list!!

Seriously, I was reading the paper the other day, and saw a news photo with a statue of a president in it. I checked Presidents on Parade, and found that it hasn't been logged yet!

I was Christmas shopping with my geocaching buddy, and took a picture of something interesting out the car window. He asked "What did you find?"

Most of my dreams are about geocaching.

I put out a new cache that was approved at 12:30 AM, and found AND logged by 7:55 AM. (Oh, that's not my problem. That's someone else's problem... But I knew about it at 8 AM!)

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How's this for an addiction?

I put out a series of 12 micros with a bonus cache at the end. The 12 micros went live Wednesday at about 9 pm. The bonus cache went live last night.


The FTF on the entire series went out, did them all yesterday (went back twice for a couple) and then snagged the bonus cache on the way to work this morning.

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I discovered my addiction about three years ago when a several mile hiking trail to a cache was still considered to be a 1 terrain. I was on such a hunt and got to within about 500 feet of the cache when I noticed that I was having chest pains. I completed the cache before walking back and then driving to a hospital for a stent implant. Scary.

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We realised our addiction just this weekend, when we pulled up near a cache site, and realised that we only had about 20 minutes before we were due in town, a half hour drive awaym for a lunch appointment. We still found the cache, and another one 500m away, before finally making it to lunch only 15 minutes late. Wife slept most of the return trip, which is good, because she doesn't like dirt roads, and the trip almost scared me, so she would have been beside herself!


Also, our 3.5 year old son, if we stop walking, and put the GPS in my pocket, will start hunting nearby bushes and logs. He knows the drill, and the little bugger actually got a find on the weekend before we did! :huh: It's slightly embarassing in town though, when we're not caching, just wandering about with the GPS.

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Here's a first for me.


We were out grabbing the reamaining of a series on Friday night and when we were done we shut off the GPS and started to drive home. At one point I started to make a left turn because I saw my speedometer pointing to the left. It didn't even occur to me that the GPS was not there any longer. I think I've been following the arrow a bit too much.


FallenFaery got a good laugh at my expense. It was really funny! :rolleyes::ph34r:

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My wife finally got around to taking the Christmas tree down yesterday afternoon. When I got home she asked me why there was a geocache hanging in the tree. She finally found the camouflaged bison tube I hid in there last month. Although there was a logsheet inside, she didn't sign it. :rolleyes:

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I knew it was getting bad when we were driving down the highway and saw a vehicle stopped beside the road and the first thing said was "Hey fella, we don't have a cache hidden there!".  :rolleyes:



I had a converse thought yesterday. The trails around Lake Brandt in Greensboro were pretty busy yesterday. Every time someone biked, jogged, dogwalked past us I said or thought-what's wrong with these people? :) Don't they know they just walked past a perfectly good geocache! Why aren't they carrying their GPSrs?

Of course the one cacher we did spot was so focused that as we passed him he didn't even react to the GPSr to the ear-"can you hear me now?" intro. :ph34r:

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When you go hiking up a mountain in Arizona with little water, no real trail to get there, you keep looking up wondering how you are going to do this, slipping, falling, as the sun goes farther down, all for the purpose of collecting a stupid little matchbox yellow jeep TB...my wife thinks I am sick! (I never got it either!)

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When packing for a visit to your girlfriends house involves ammo cans.

That may be a different problem altogether.


You know your addicted when running around in the woods at 1:00 AM seems perfectly normal. :laughing:

or when running around in the woods with a machete and a 2-million candle spotlight is normal past 3am...


we're in college. those get to be normal operating hours for us... :0)

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You know you are addicted when you have a post like I did when I found Farbucks-Simply Evil GCM2W1 :


August 20, 2004 by jackcacheNC (949 found)

0100 hrs, I awaken....that darn Geocachers poison ivy itch kicking in! Get up, apply lotion, go back to bed. Try to sleep, to no avail. Roll over look at clock..it reads 0200 hrs. Then a thought runs through my tiny brain... a cache is only 3.3 miles from the house. I had scoped out the area before, but high traffic area so I was waiting for a good time to hunt , a log suggests seeking this one after hours.0215, a little geo voice in my head says "go for it", I roll out of bed. 0230, on the road. 0240 arrive at location. 0243 start search..wondering where all the traffic is coming from. (At least the caffiene joint was closed!) 0250 cache is in hand. Sign log in truck due to the twenty some cars stopped at the red light. 0255 cache back in place.0300 see where all the cars are coming from a , must be a 100 cars at a nearby shopping center, blue and whites eyeballing them..0310 back at home. Does any one know where I can get professional help


Yes..a true story! ;)



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I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I've had dreams about geocaching. I don't go out and cache all that often, but I must spend a lot of time *thinking* about it if it's hit me subconsciously in that way. Not that I mind. I mention this only because I had a dream about geocaching last night. Almost as fun as the real thing. Ok, well, maybe not, but at least in the dream it was summer and no snow on the ground!

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