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Opinions On Garmin Etrex Legend C


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I would like to hear from anyone having experience with an eTrex Legend C. I am currently using a borrowed GPSMap 76, and it works great most of the time. However, I travel a good bit, and have other needs for a GPS in addition to geocaching, so I was looking at the Legend C to get the higher memory and USB connection. I would also buy the Map Source topos if I got this unit.


If anyone has another model or manufacturer that is in about the same price range as a Legend C, I'd like to hear about it.


Thanks -

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I just picked up a Legend C last weekend and have been played with it all week. I'm not a seasoned Geocacher (yet) nor have I great experience with various GPS's, but I've enjoyed it thus far. It fits nicely in the palm of either hand, the control buttons are pretty easy to operate, and according to the packaging, the battery life is way longer than the monochrome version, which is what I originally went in to check out. Weird.


Again, I'm very new to this. Take my mini-review with a grain of salt. :rolleyes: But I will say this: it was VERY easy to learn and get comfortable using it. I actually feel pretty good about my proficiency with it and am looking forward to getting outdoors more in the new year with my Legend C close by.


Google for "garmin legendc gps review" and similar keywords and you'll find some good info. Google is not just a noun...it's a verb now too! :P


Good luck!

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I use a Legend C for caching and highway travel. I couldn't be more pleased. The addition of City Select to it made all the difference though. It is very accurate caching and is great on the highway. I have used it for several trips and it is uncanny at finding good routes to any address so far. I bought mine at GPSnow. I bought the City Select at Amazon, great price for v5, but they shipped me v6. Even if you get v5 Garmin will upgrade for no charge. <_<:huh:

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