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Famous Cachers ?? Who Are They

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"Simply Paul" on Google.co.uk - Very surreal. They all seem to be me!


And I can just about match McDehack:

Television: Not since they stopped showing Police 5 with Shaw Taylor. But I did record my caching this year for the BBC's CountryFile show.

Radio: Went on the morning show and tossed a coin to see if I was going to resign my well paid job or not. Long story!

Magazines: Been in Top Gear (well, just words, no picture) several times, Bizarre (in a picture with famous fetish model Bianca Beauchamp) in May this year and had columns and features in two national magazines, one of which has been for 8 years too. :P




What did you call your blue liquid davester? It wasn't Dasani was it? :P


Tadpole just means you've not posted many times on the forum. It changes after you've been around a while.


SP ;)


Edit: If we're going way back into the past I was editor of my school magazine, have appeared several times in local papers - once handcuffing an escapologist friend of mine while pretending never to have met him - and I had a girlfriend in May 2004's Loaded Magazine. But I didn't get a name check in that one. Centre spread in the July/August 1996 issue of Bond Bug Owners Club Magazine... :rolleyes:

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Lets see other media


Oldham Chronicle Cycling proficiency


Express, Mirror and several other dailies - cave rescue- helping not being rescued


Radio - Local radio invited to give opinion on the standard of their shows. Shut down the week after i was not that bad honest


Local tv news - protesting - sorry you maj 2 out of the three available stations


several local rags with stories I don't really want to go into


those where work related and for not very nice reasons though I have no criticism of their reporting even though the nice bit was left till a small part of the last paragraph


Oh and an album credit (for making the coffee) It was called Autumn Leaves.

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I am not remotely famous, but I am on the telly just about every day on various programs on the history channel. If you ever watched 'Decisive Weapons', the one about the bayonet, I can be seen bayonetting some hapless highlanders (in drag - me not the highlanders), (no offense to our Scots friends). The bit with me in that gets shown most frequently was a sequence that we filmed for Timewatch, but has been re-used in Simon Schama's A History of Britain. I also was to be seen running away from the Royalists at the Battle of Naseby who had had their Weetabix, in that old advert.


Look out for Johnny Vegas' new series on TV in the new year - "Dead man weds" in which I will be seen in the final episode fleeing from a huge... oh, but that would be telling. <_< I managed to bag a quick Derbyshire cache when we were filing that one (The Eagle has landed). Also been on Blue Peter twice, but did I get a badge? Did I heck!! :huh:


Luckily most people don't know my surname, which is just as well, as a web search on my name brings up my old school photos which one of my class mates from loooonnng ago has put up on his web site! :huh:

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Hmmmn... I auditioned for a part in The Lord of the Rings, and my Girlfriend's cousin was an Orc (not sure which one tho'!). And she used to walk the dog of the guy who played Deagol.


But then, we're Kiwis, and I think most of New Zealand knows someone who was part of LOTR!! Don't think they're cachers tho, so no, I don't know any famous cachers! <_<

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We have met Anthea Turner & Bonnie, Shauna Lowrey and the Duke of Kent at Crufts and have photos and autographs to prove it.


We also met and had a long chat with Screaming Lord Such in Poole whilst on holiday years ago.


I used to work in telesales and worked with one of the male stars of Where the Heart is though he wasn't famous then.


We also bred the very first Lancashire Heeler recognised by the American Kennel Club "Pennijar Pilgrim" (Hoover who sadly and tragically passed away as a result of hurricane Jeanne Sept 2004)


I was the joint poster of the 50,000 post on the UK Forum with Wadders we both posted at 07.35pm that must count as some sort of fame if only in the sad league.


finally I myself had a feature published in the top Japanese Dog Magazine and even after I made my opinions on their treatment of dogs known before writing it I still got a fee for writing it I have a copy of the cheque and the magazine to prove it. Am I famous? Na not me, just a wanna be.





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My claim to fame - Paul McCartney (you old uns might remember him :D) and his wife Heather Mills came to my graduation ceremony. (Actually Heather was there to receive an honorary Degree but Macca sat within a few feet of my Wife, Kids and Mum & Dad - but I was on stage with Heather - well for a few minutes anyway and No I couldn't see the join).



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I think I can top some of those. I was once told to take my head out of a plastic bag by Jon Pertwee, dressed as Worzel Gummage. Jeremy Clarkson said it was an honour to meet me at a motorshow and he signed a copy of Top Gear Magazine for me (swoon!) About a year later he almost hit my car with his Ferrari 355 on the sharp bend in the middle of Winslow (for anyone who doesn't know it; a nasty corner) and Phill Jupitus almost knocked me over as I stepped out of a shop in Leicester Square. I saw Julian Clary being homophobically heckled and made Jack 'no longer funny' Dee nervous on stage with a note about not trying to run as I had a gun. Dave Gorman (comedian, actor, star of stage and screen) knew who I was before I'd introduced myself and he signed a copy of his book for me. Princess Anne set her dogs on me*. My friend Claire has a famous actress for an older sister, but refuses to tell me her stage name. Bianca Beauchamp (a famous model in certain circles - picture below, as seen above) said I had a nice smile when she signed a copy of Bizarre for me. I once saw Roger McGough in Soho Square. My brother was almost in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (the Hitler/book-burning scene, shot at Stowe House) but forgot to turn up to the filming and my dad's old Model A Ford Van appeared in the BBC series The Citadel. He's been on TV a few times talking about his collection of historic motroing items (as seen on ITVs Pulling Power) and he won the clubman's class of the RAC Rally in the 60's as the navigator of a Mini Cooper (S?). Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf, Brittas Empire, Lara Croft movies) is a motor nut too and I met him several times at events, inc. one of my dad's BBQs. Really nice guy. Cast your mind back about 10 years to an episode of Eurotrash featuring ponygirls - Last year I interviewed the guy who said "There are two types of tail, the stick-on sort and the plug in sort" on it. I have a mate who read his letter about The BeeGees on Points of View after they'd stormed off the Clive Anderson Show. I was emailed by someone who'd put 'Aylesbury Scum' into a search engine and come up with my site - Fame of a sort?... :D





A picture I just love for my expression alone. Well worth posting again!


*This one is a lie.



...Billy Conolly and, yes, he was just as hilarious back then as he is today.

I'm sorry to hear that. (No, I'm not a fan. He stopped 'doing it' for me about 5 years ago)

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>>"A Better Class of Fetish Model"

LOL, yeah, it's so hard to find the right calibre of university graduate in this sector :D


But if you're going to call yourself "Pedantic":

>> "Here's a picture of Bianca and I..."

So if she wasn't there it would be "a picture of I" ? :D


Nick (Pedantic. No, pedantic. Not paedophile. Put the stick down.)


PS: BTW, I agree with you about Jack Dee, gone the same way as Jasper Carrott - it's hard to be funny when you're squinting to read the autocue. He seems to be angling for a spot on American TV.

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Where to start - not as good as Simply Paul but near enough!

Through work, I have met (nursed!):Jack Higgins, Terry Pratchett, Lord Montagu (of Beaulieu), Jack Walker. RIP. (Walkers crisps & Blackburn Roversl), David Gower and Barry Took (RIP)


Have also met: Esther Ranzen (rude) and her hubby Desmond Wilcox (lovely person), Derek Warwick (racing driver), Clare Rayner (rude), Sue Barker, Prince Philip (as a kid - he shook my hand!), Rory Bremner (Prima Donna!), Fred Dinenage (How!)(aftershave ++ and had great pleasure in talking about his private parts!!!!!), and many more through the course of my life!


We have appeared as a family on Carlton TV promoting geocaching and were also on the Inside Out programme with Chris Packham (really lovely person!). I have also been on Radio 4and South Coast Radio promoting geocaching and on Radio Solent as a nurse! I have also been interviewed on a Telethon by Fern Britton.


So I think I've had my 15 minutes of fame already!


Sarah x

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Anyone got a cure for double-vision?


Bren (hiding Ruth's eyes)


PS.. I've photographed and chatted with Frank Sinatra and I've spoken to Duke of Edi, Charlie Boy and Randy Andy on a number of occasions and been in the same room as Princess Margaret and Viscount Linley...

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I've sat next to an actor from "Brookside" (can't think off his name :D ) whilst being called a "Cradle Snatcher" by Pattie Caldwell, on a BBC daytime chat show, does that make me famous? :D



Think back to 1986 and what happened in Eastenders?


If your are/were a fan, you will remember that it's the year "Lofty" & "Michele" got married. The BBC were looking for a couple in the same situation, a teenage bride, as we had got married 6 weeks previously, and the blushing bride was only, 17 1/4, we fitted the profile, and so were asked to appear. After gaging my response to the comment several times whilst in the Green room, it was decided to use the comment during the show, which Pattie did, to this day it still brings a smile to my face! And on the 23 of August this "Cradle Snatcher" will be proudly celebrating our 19th wedding Anniversary :D!


Well there's my claim to being a famous/infamous cacher!


Dave :D

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Think back to 1986 and what happened in Eastenders?


This was well after 1986, but my friend had a one night stand with the bloke who went on to play the creepy religious nut in Eastenders (think his character was called Alastair - the one who had a cultish influence over Sarah Hills).


Paul Coia (one time gameshow host and the first person/voice? on Channel 4) sat next to me on a plane once (he didn't eat his tomato). I've also seen Richard E Grant waiting at the corner of a street in Richmond but I resisted the temptation to go up to him and quote lines from "Withnail and I", even though he was wearing a very similar looking coat to Withnails! Have to confess that I have physically grabbed Bruno Brookes by his collar and gave him a kiss whilst he was doing a DJ night a long time ago.


My ex-husbands best friends wife was one of the typists who used to work behind the glass screen on Grandstand many years ago- she also went out with Jim Rosenthal for a while, and knows John Motsam well - in fact one time we were staying at their house John Motsam phoned up to talk to her and my ex-husband answered the phone and was a bit struck dumb when he recognised the famous voice. She also went out with the dark haired bloke from Go West.


Oh - almost forgot - I work with a bloke whose nephew won the "Best Costume" oscar for "Moulin Rouge".


Sure I have more celebrity connections but they have just gone out of my head at the moment!

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Just remembered some more - both happened in Inverness - spotted Terry Nutkin(s?) doing a big shop in Tesco one time! And the bloke that played the nurse in Eastenders (Andy maybe? Married to Debs) - you know the one who left the series by getting knocked down by a car and killed - well he once sat at the table next to our pub quiz team after finishing his performance in that evenings pantomime (no, he wasn't in costume!).

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My brother was almost in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (the Hitler/book-burning scene, shot at Stowe House)

I was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, at Stowe School for the book burning scene :D. I was a goose-stepping swastika banner yielding Nazi who had the (mis)fortune of being spoken to at one point by Steven Spielberg (he told me to get my banner out of the way when he was trying to film the Indiana meets Adolf bit, hehe).


Sean Connery was God-like, Alison Doody was gorgeous and Harrison Ford was a snob. George Lucas handed out the cash the following morning :D.


I was also on regional ITV in October when I was interviewed after completing the Royal Marines Commando Challenge. I made the afternoon news bulletin, but by the evening they had found someone far more pleasing to the eye and dropped me!


Not me, but an old friend of mine (aged about 4) was in The French Lieutenants Woman which was filmed in Lyme Regis. All he had to do was run across camera in a street scene on Lyme Regis main street. He fell flat on his face mid-camera and was picked up again by Meryl Streep They all had to wait while they herded the sheep and cows back down the street, and turned the horses and carts around before re-taking the scene.

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Oooh just remembered another one!

My Aunt married Jonathon and Paul Ross' cousin - they're divorced now but had 6 kids together & one of the boys got into the top 4 to play Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. My son is in a class at school where the cousin of the boy who plays Malfoy is a special needs teaching assistant - she's been with his class for the past 4 years.


Sarah x

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Ok, I've remembered another one. I think you're all going to struggle to top this. While working in MK a couple of years ago, we used to have a guy come into the office every few weeks to do 'promo' stuff. Now, since I was about the only person who knew the lyrics to 'Gob On You' (as featured on Not The Nine O'Clock News in about 1980) and other obscure comedy tunes in our office and could join in when he was singing it, we became quite matey. We even went to see The Australian Pink Floyd live in Croydon together and I have a recording of us singing Wish You Were Here somewhere. The fame connection? He used to be the man inside Bungle on the later series of Rainbow. Everyone still calls him Bungle, although his name is actually Paul too.



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