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New Year's Day/birthday Caching


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Hi all!


Saturday is my birthday!! I would love to do a few hours of caching to celebrate my birthday and the New Year. I'm in Federal Way and was thinking about just picking up the closest ones to home to me. I would be up to visiting caches I have already found and let others search. Open to any other suggestions as well.


The ones on my nearest to home for me are:


Take a Swag at It

Have you hugged a muggle today?

Auntie Hills


The old tree

Centurian Martian Probe 003

Centurian Martian Probe 11


I was thinking about starting at 11am (I and many others would probably like to sleep in a bit after being up late celebrating) We could meet at the parking coordinates to my own cache, A Dicey Hunt at 11 and go from there. If you're interested or have any ideas, just post a message here.


Happy New Year and have a great 2005!

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Sounds like fun. I still have a few caches in FW left to find.


A Dicey Hunt

Bulk Mail

Ravine Rave

Cache at Pooh Corner - The Rehide (DNFed)

The Heart of the Buzz

Draining the Power of the Buzz

The Times they are a Changin' (close to FW, I think)


I am at currently at 90 finds and would like to 100 to start the New Year off.


I am also willing to go along for the ride on a few that I have already found.

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Depending on a number of things, I might just join you on this. I have no clue on your puzzle though. Those are the kind that drive me nuts. The Times They Are A'Changin is one of mine and itis actually closer to Kent, but not that far away. The listed coords are the middle of Lake Fenwick, but the cache is a bit north of that. You will need to do a little work on that one before you go out looking.

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Thanks to Weightman, Landrover, NomadRaven, Romulusnr, and Ethan for a great day of caching. I had a great birthday. It was fun to see people search for caches that I had already found. Look forward to seeing the group at the Gig Harbor Cache machine. Happy New Yeat to ya all!


To NLS, thanks for the message! I know you would have joined us! I hope your search for the BOBs has gone well!

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I nearly thought we were gonna have to camp for the night in Dash Point. After all that trudging and then the bushwhacking (how far was that anyway? 300 ft? More?) I wasn't sure I was gonna make it back!

Yeah, "The Old Tree" was the cache that I've gotten the most lost on. You can really get turned around back in there.

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