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Newbie with a few questions: Where or who to buy online & How do you like your Meridian Platinum?


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Hello there I'm a total newbie here..I've been lurking in the forums for a few weeks and I think I'm going to take the bit of a leap and buy a Magellan Meridian Platinum but I have a few questions if you don't mind. I hope this is the right place!


Ok first off I'm thinking of buying the Magellan Platinum online..who do you guys like or dislike? Who has a good/bad reputation, who has the best customer support etc.. How's thegpsstore.com or gps4fun.com (Adventure GPS) I have read that someone didn't like them but they didn't say why..so that's why I'm asking here. When it comes to online ordering who have you had bad experiences with or who do you recommend?


I'm in San Diego, CA I havn't checked locally but would it be better to buy it locally then via mail order (online?) I see that online say at thegpsstore.com (and several others too) they have a combo deal for the Platinum either with the US Topo package or the US Streets & Destinations package..if I were to buy it from them..which one should I choose..


I hear that the street maps are of main streets and not the smaller residential streets..how detail are any of these Street Maps? I plan on using this mainly for Geocaching and yea the Platinum is probably too much for a newbie but I would rather get a good (very good?) unit now and not wish I had bought it in the first place..


The data card that goes into the Platinum..is this a regular Smart Media card..or do I have to buy Magellan's own..I'm assuming that it's a regular Smart Media card..


I'm sure this has been asked a million times..but how do you like the Magellan Platinum and also I want to know what makes this different from say the Gold version? I'm pretty much stuck on the Platinum but I just want your opinion..


OH last question..how's the screen size? I know my Dad would love to use a GPS unit..but I was wondering if anyone out there who's older (not OLD now..just older hehe..just incase covering my butt here!) say around 60-70 that geocache..can you see the screen ok..this is in regards to any GPS unit..not just the Platinum but would love to know if you can see the display well on the Platinum too..


Ok well I live in the San Diego, CA in the South Bay area.....how many Geocachers live near me and what do you use/have or wish you had bought?


Well I think I've taken up enough of your time, I hope everyone has a great weekend..I'm off to work. icon_frown.gif




San Diego, CA

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It's a very easy unit to use. I've never opened the instructions. The screen is larger that most and the antenna is fantastic.


I bought mine throgh e-bay from an online company. I forget the name but I paid 289 for it inluding the PC cord.


The Garmin V is also a good unit but I started with magellen and I saw no reason to change.


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icon_smile.gifI just got my Platinum a couple of weeks ago. I love it.. cant seem to shut it off. I just keep playing with it. the SD card can be any SD card, the Magge cards are more exspensive. the compass feature is really nice for the woods when walking around isnt always easy. The screen is very easy to see, and all the "fields" are easily changed to whatever you want to use. I had the E-trex (yellow) before and this is soooo much better. Its very easy to figure out how to operate and if you have any questions you can always ask here. icon_biggrin.gif
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I researched almost 3 months before deciding which unit to upgrade to and I picked the Magellan gold, because I didnt need the barometer

and I thought why the compass, it wont work if the batts are dead or the unit gets broken, Plus the Maggys have better antennas. icon_wink.gif

You might try Frys Electronics their prices seen very reasonable, or maybe West Marine on Rosecrans.

If you want any info feel free to email me icon_smile.gif


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Originally posted by Bakahead:

Ok first off I'm thinking of buying the Magellan Platinum online..who do you guys like or dislike


For price, service and availability it would be hard to beat The GPS Store They sell both Garmin & Magellan, they know GPS', their order service is quick and reliable. Their prices are very good and they'll match any authorized dealer's price.


I bought a 76S from them and couldn't have been happier with the service. The Platinum was my other choice. It was hard to turn down the SD card memory expansion, but I chose the 76S for it's high resolution screen and (IMO) the more intuitive interface (I tried both units side by side). The Platinum is very nice and I am sure I would also be satisfied with it.


Good Luck,

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Hello and Thanks to everyone that replied! I went and bought the Platinum locally..I tried onlinemarine.com I emailed them no reply, called them and they never answered the phone (more then once)..so I thought hmm..next! GPSstore.com was my first choice but being me..I was impatient and bought it locally..no worries..there's always the $50 rebate!


So far I've found 3 caches and man I'm having a blast! icon_biggrin.gif This is so kewl!! I'm just having trouble with what I should put in the cache..hehe!


But anyways I just wanted to say thank you to all those of you that replied! Hmm..time to plan the next search..where to next?!



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