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Just my £0.02-worth...

In my experience, cheap can very often mean unreliable.

In my early days of doing websites, I had my fingers burned on more than once by using cheaper host. A couple of years ago I shifted all my business to a bigger but more expensive hosting company, and I have to say that I've noticed the difference. You get what you pay for I guess.

If you just want somethig for a hobby homepage then cheaper hosting may be OK, but if resilience and reliability (and the ability to contact somebody by phone 24x7 - that is waaaaaay better than email support) then be prepared to shell out a few quid more. Also, usenet (try alt.internet.providers.uk) can provide a good source of opinions.

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Just to second Dave's comment...


I have had bad experiences with cheap web hosts. You really do get what you pay for and I would say that their offer is too good to be true. Also don't be scared to use US hosting companies. I host with a very good US company at the moment.





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I intentionally didn't name the hosting company that I currently use, bu seeing as this is turning into a bit of a plug-fest I'll say that I'm using WebFusion (now part of Pipex) and am happy with their service. These guys do provide a lot of features and services - a less fully-featured service is provided by their sister company 123-reg (see previous post from Pharisee)

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I've not had any real problems with simply.com although it's not particularly cheap, a project I had running for a while (and will again) was an old dell 450 running linux and apache web server connected to ntl broadband using a service called no-ip as the dns, the no-ip client program would check the ip address every 30 mins and report it back to their dns so the ever changing ip address wasn't an issue.

The great bit about linux is the price(free) and it also acts as a router so my windows machine couls still connect to the net.

I also happen to think bill gates is a tw*t, and linux is more reliable.

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I was with Brinkster's free service for a bit, which is fine for your basic home page - 20MB as I recall. I've since switched to their basic paid service, which has been excellent - about $25 US per annum (got a half price deal) for 500MB + 7GB traffic allowance and a free domain name registration. More importantly, they've looked after me very well when I have had problems - that's the bit that matters IMHO

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Account activated within 5 minutes of order 24/7


I like this kind of promotion....


what they forget to mention is the standard ttl is 24 hours for DNS to propergate around the internet......so yeah it'll get activated, but I bet its 24 hours b4 it goes live properly.

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