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Merry Christmas To Me


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This is so cool what I got for Christmas and what had happen.2 weeks ago I was shopping in Walmart.I found this great day pack.Wow it was perfect for caching for the kids and I.Checking out at the register I had decided to put the day pack back.Kids Christmas had to come first.So I could live without pack.In the days too come I looked at packs,but nothing like the one at Walamart.Christmas Day arrived I was opening gifts,from hubbyand kids.WOW it was my back pack...I never told anyone about that back pack.I got it,I got it.I'm sitting here today waiting for the wind to calm and my back pack is ready to cache.What a great Christmas!!! The more you give,the more you get...Team Reno

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I got a Petzl Myo-3 headlamp, and a UV Photon light for those pesky puzzles. The Sidekick 2 that I bought as an early christmas gift to myself was probably the best geo-gift I got though, I've been using it a lot.


I also got 5 finds (including an FTF) today as late Christmas gifts. :unsure:

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Hubby got me a new meridian color :rolleyes: w/ travel kit & also a GC serial stamp tee. mom got us a new sony 7.2 mp digital camera <_< . Hubby also got 1gb of mem for the cam. What a combo!! it was such an upgrade from the garmin gps12 & <1mp 2mb polaroid digital camera we had before (which was held together with, you guessed, DUCT TAPE!!!). happy caching to me!!!

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1. The Geocaching Calander

2. A Geocaching Logo Stocking Cap

3. Custom Air Brushed AmishHacker Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Gave my brother a ready to go cache in his honor named "The Ninja Cache". His gift was inside (GameBoy Game) as the FTF Prize. It took a long time to wrap it. I was going to hide it and just give him the cords but the 2 deg weather kept me from it. :rolleyes:




He also got a Ninja Cache T-Shirt

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I have taken davelda out on a couple of geocaching adventures to teach them about geocaching and they gave Julie and I fleece camo Jackets, hats and gloves for christmass. They wrapped them in Camo fabric that we will use for making caches, they also gat us a real nice wicker picknic basket then include beverages for geocaching :rolleyes:

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Well it wasn't under the tree on Xmas morning, but my hubby is getting me a new Garmin GPSMAP 60C with dash mount & the beanbag mount!


We also bought each other some really cool backpacks, clearance sale a few weeks back. They have lots of little pockets for putting caching stuff in and they came with hydration bladders.

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I knew what I was getting beforehand because I purchased it myself the day after Thanksgiving (saved 50 bucks). But the anticipation of actually having it in my grubby little hands was unbearable. :blink:


I got a Palm Zire 31 PDA for Christmas -my first PDA- I'm all excited about paperless caching and using cachemate !!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas, it sure sounds like it in this thread. :huh:


Happy Caching :unsure:

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I got a new L.L. Bean Daypack:



I had actually asked my parents for that specific pack, and now that I have it. I realize it's absolutely massive. I mean, it's a daypack, but it's BIG, and I know it will feel useless until I can fill it up quite a bit.


I think I would have been happier with something a bit smaller, like a Camelback HAWG, but those are a bit more expensive than my pack and they have a lot less space.


I also got a couple hundred dollars from my grandfather, most of which I put in the bank. But I kept $150 which I will be spending on "completing" my hiking gear. It's not like I really need anything, but there's some stuff that could "enrich" my hiking experience. Among those things are a new insulated bladder for my camelback, a new headlamp, and maybe some new socks.


I'm actually pretty lucky, because my birthday is the middle of January. So it's close enough to christmas that I get some good presents, and then, right around the time, I'm starting to get bored, or need batteries or something, then it's my birthday all of a sudden. It's also just far enough from christmas that I can still get some pretty awesome presents.

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My girlfriend goes with me on 90% of my cache hunts. I had been talking about night caching recently, so she gave me a 1,000,000 candle power rechargable spotlight!  :unsure:


I got a rechargeable spotlight also, and I didn't even ask for it. I do most of my caching before dawn, with a mini maglight, so the spotlight will come in handy.


I also got to spend time with my family, and be thankful for my savior being born.

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Gave 1NatureDad new hiking shoes, orange vest, head lamp, and a new cache made from camo-duct-tape. also, geocaching travel coffee mugs for us.


I GOT A NEW DELL computer...yeah baby...but I'm not installing it untill we get the new computer furniture. so i'll have to continue to suffer a lil longer with this dinosaure that doesnt wanna work. :D

'Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause'




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