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Welcome, New Northwest Cachers!


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Along these lines, here is what I think is an appropriate post from the Geocaching Topics forum.



All of those who put together that bit of advice(Cacheing Ethics), they should receive an A+ A+ A+. I am printing it as I type and will include it within my personal webpage(geocaching sub-page), provided no one objects.

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Hehe. good to see some people playing WOW... yeah a toss up whether to level or get exercise. I tend to cache in the day and play world of warcraft at night. hehe

lightbringer server Miniscout...(dorf Pally) give a tell.

World of Warcraft,,, Hmmm first I've heard of it. But then it's not my type of game. I'm having a lot more fun playing Stepmania. :D

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We welcome you too...we just think you might have a harder time finding the caches. ;):(


Welcome to the addiction. <_<


A bit!

My dad brought his GPS with him at Christmas, so we found 3 that way, and the other 11 that I (or K and I) have found have all been due to the combination of map and hint. Heh. :(

I've definitely run across a few that you pretty much really need a GPS for, though!

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