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Ok, What New Gps Did You Get For Christmas?


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Nothing I asked for but I did get a Delorme Blue Logger GPS for my Pocket PC with Bluetooth. Also got USA Street Atlas 2005 for PC and another for Handheld.


Seems to work well here at the desk. Will not make a caching unit but should work nice in the car, especially for kids in back seat to use.


So no not disappointed ... still waiting to see if the V will be ever replaced by something new. :P

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I got a new Legend!... can I now say I'm obsessed? Hope that this thing won't require a Doctorate to operate!

Best way to learn it is to take it out and use it. Go out into your front yard. Let the GPS get some good signal. Mark your spot as a waypoint, walk down the block. Do a GOTO back to the waypoint you made a bit ago. That's about it. :unsure:

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I got a new Legend!... can I now say I'm obsessed?  Hope that this thing won't require a Doctorate to operate!


The best way to learn is by playing with it - read the manual a little - and then play with it some more. It's a very intuitive device to use once you get familiar with it.



I opened my Legend early, and it is pretty straight forward.

went and found a couple caches, and a virtual

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I didn't get a new GPS for Christmas, but will have a new GPS system this week in the new Jeep. It is part of a lot of options included in a Grand Cherokee that I got a decent deal on.


This makes four GPS's in the family.... my wife has one in her Jeep, and I have a Vista; we also have a DeLorme GPS to use with a laptop, although that one will probably get less use now.

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Picked up the following for myself and my two sons:


3 x eTrex Legend w/ PC Cable

3 x Forerunner 201 w/ Charger-PC Cable

3 x eTrex Yellow

1 x MetroGuide USA v4.02

3 x Neoprene Cases

3 x 12V DC Adapters

3 x AC to 12V DC Wall Adapters

3 x Panasonic Battery Chargers w/ AC & 12V DC & USB Adapters

6 x Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries - 780 mAh AAA

42 x Panasonic Rechargeable Batteries - 2300 mAh AA


Split 3 ways, the total cost was just under $310 for each set.

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