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Anyone From Toledo Area?


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Hey all,


There is a chance that an opportunity might arise in Toledo for us, but before we think about moving, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions of the city or any great resources online they may be able to share. How is the downtown area and Olde West End? We've visited Ohio, but only got as far as Columbus. I grew up in Rochester off Lake Ontario so I am sure there will be snow, but what else can I expect?


Thanks for any input. <_<



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Do you want to know about where to but a house, or what to do? It all depends on what your interests are. I've lived near Toledo 21 years of my live (east and west of town), but never directly IN Toledo city limits. But I do currently work in Toledo. It's nice, because I don't experience half of the traffic in the commute like in Columbus or Cleveland. The downtown area is nice with many restauants (see Good Dog's Toledo's Best View or Team Hydnckr's Fort Silo.


We have an active geocaching club, the mudhens and storm for sports, and easy highway access to other cities. There's an award winning zoo, and art museum that attracts some major travelling exhibits, good hospitals...


Let me know what you're looking for...you'll probably want to email me because I only get on the forums 2-3 times a month.


you can also go to www.nwogeo.org for more input, we communicate most frequently on the email listserv.


Jen of BBD

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Now that I am back home, I can post to the forums! Just wanted to thank everyone for the replies. Looks like a visit to the Toledo area is in order this spring! I hope my trip coincides with your monthly meetings! If anyone else has information, specifically about bed and breakfasts in that area or Olde West End - please email me! :huh:

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Other great points about Toledo is COSI and the Toledo Art Museum. You might, also, consider looking in the nearby Sylvania or Perrysburg.


Also, NWOGEO meeting every first tuesdayof the month. And is currently looking at a new home for those meetings. I can't remember the name of the place, but it has something to do with a woodland rodent..........

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I've known several people that have moved to Toledo, and some have moved back, mainly due to the crime. Toledo proper has a pretty high crime rate, from what I understand, but Perrysburg is close and is a very nice area, so you might want to look there.


I hope I haven't offended anyone. I'm just posting what I've been told from people that have lived there at one time or another.

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