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Cache Not Found 'ettiquette' question

New England n00b

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In those instances where you do not find a cache, is it alright to email the owner, in addition to leaving a log?


I did this today and I'm wondering if it was the right thing to do. My email described what I had done (where I had looked), and I didn't want to put that in a publicly-viewable log.


Thanks for the guidance...


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Sounds like a great idea to me!


I prefer when cachers let me know if they have trouble finding one of my caches, and how they went about trying. Makes it more clear if I need to go check the cache, or maybe provide a more detailed hint.


I have a couple of moderately challenging caches, and most of the DNF logs are people who simply give up easy or didn't get what I was trying to do (possibly because it wasn't explained clearly in the beginning).


The more info I get, the better I can, hopefully, make my cache pages.


You did the right thing!






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It's a very good idea to do it that way. Too many people put specifics in their logs.


E-mails are also a good way to handle it if you have concerns about the legality, safety, or environmental impact of the cache.


If the cache is in bad shape however, it's good to mention that in the log so future visitors are prepared to fix it up if they are so inclined.


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I've contacted cache owners on two occassions: once to confirm the solution to a puzzle cache that was in a poison oak dense area (seems fair to me to ask icon_wink.gif), and the other was also a puzzle cache, that turned up missing. Both exchanges were very courteous and helpful.


On another occassion, I posted two NF on one multi that I couldn't find even on a repeat visit, and the cache owner contacted me to confirm that I was looking in the correct place.


All in all, my experience with cachers has been very positive. Great bunch of people!


Oh yeah. It really pulls my chain when someone finds a cache after I post a NF. Even worse when the person coming after has about two finds and says, "easy find". I'd go back and hunt that sucka down like a dog!

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Heh, I just looked at the cache in question again and someone else came after me and found it. So now I'm on a mission. I *will* find that cache, or it'll kill me.


One thing I've discovered: the second I believe the cache isn't there, I may as well write my NF log.


As long as you believe it's there you WILL find it.


Good luck!


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We went to a cache and didn't find it. After I logged it on geocache.com as a "not found" the cache owner contacted me. He asked for details where I looked. When I gave very specific details on where I searched he said "That's it!". He archived the cache so it could be relocated to a less publicly probed location. It's a good idea to keep spoilers off the log page.


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i enjoy detailed notes from cachers describing where they looked, and often have lovely conversations with them about the cache and things in general.


there's a lot of the story that a cache owner might like to hear, but should not be put in the online log.


conversely, when there's a lot to the story, i email the cache owner to let them know. mostly they like to hear it.


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Well, I can finally get back onto the forums so...


I found it! *whew* It was easy, once I saw it, but man, my eyes are still popped out of my head from looking... icon_razz.gif It was a great, little cache, and there was a lot of good stuff in it.


See GCG6MR for the cache site. This place is a great visit, by the way. Bring a camera is you go...



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Congrats New England n00b! Ain't that the greatest feeling, to clear up a "not found?"


Actually, having one early on will make you a better geocacher. I bet you learned a lot about searching thoroughly, not making any assumptions about the hiding spot, reapproaching a problem from a fresh angle, thinking like a hider, and all the other tricks that are learned through experience.


My fourth hunt was a not-found, three hours over three trips. The cache turned out to be missing. Best training I could've had.



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Almost everyone wants you to find thier cache' or wants to be notified if you think it might be MIA. BUT, there are a small few sore pickles that won't answer you at all or are short with you when you ask questions or try to confirm. Thank goodness the majority are right there to help. I guess if you don't recieve an answer, that tells you what kind of owner you are dealing with.

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