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Coming Back Up North!


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OK, Hula Bum is back in town and it sounds like we're going to do the Project APE cache on Tuesday morning. The alure of the new icon plus the cool factor of the L-O-N-G tunnel is just too much to pass up. PLus, I've wanted to do this one for a while but my last few visits have had it buried under snow....


So, anybody is welcome to join us for the hike (whether you've found it or not). I think we're planning a tentative 9:00am start from the trailhead.


Thanks for the suggestions and offers for other caches. This is just the one we really want to do this time around.

I'll make every attempt to make it. The tunnel (all 2.3 miles of it) is VERY cool. Don't forget the caches on either end or in the middle for that matter. I may have to borrow my sons 19" bike for this one. Took my hips 3 days to stop aching on the last run for my 100th. :blink:


If I'm not there at 9 I won't make it or I'll catch up, one or the other.

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I think I shall pass on this one. I have been in the tunnel four times now. There are several other caches nearby that you can drive to. I might suggest Barrel of Fun at the east end of Lake Keechelus with parking nearby and Lost... which is less than 0.25 miles from parking and is up the forest service road from Barrel of Fun.


If you have a NW Nature Pass ($5 at REI for a one day pass) I would suggest Franklin Cache which has a wonderful waterfall nearby.


There are also several up in the hills to the north that require quite a bit of driving on forest service roads, some of which are not in the best of shape.

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Thanks for the notes. I understand about y'all not making this one. Between timing and the fact that I'm sure most (if not all) of you have done this cache before, I don't blame you.


I'll make sure to at least drop some cool swag in the area to mark my visit :lol: .

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Thanks for the well-wishes.


Late notice: Hula Bum and I MAY be open to meet for dinner/drinks Monday night. We're staying in Bellevue but haven't decided if we're doing a romantic dinner out alone since we're sans daughter, or whether we want to do a group thing.


If it turns out to be a group thing, we'll post here tomorrow night and see who's around. I know Monday night isn't great either, but maybe somebody can make it out...

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Ok, we had a GREAT time doing the APE cache - glad I finally got to that one. Left a few sig items but it looks like they're gone already....


ANyway, looks like I'll be back up on the 22nd/23rd of September. I'll be working on the 22nd, but will have the 23rd (Friday) to cache.


Posting early this time around to see if the combination of more notice and a better day (Friday vs. Tuesday) frees anybody up for some caching.

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Sorry that is the weekend of the Port Angles Port Townsend cache machine I will be heading over there as soon as I get off work


Maybe next time

Oh sure, the old "Port Angles Port Townsend cache machine" excuse.


Man, if I had a dime for everytime I've heard that one! :unsure:

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It depends on what you'd like to do. I'm free on Fridays but hope to get over to Port Townsend that evening. Where would you like to go? If it's early enough in the day, then perhaps I could join you.

It could be early - usually is.


My flight home leaves at 5:00 so I'm usually up for anything during the morning/day.

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Alrightly then......I'm back on October 6th for work, but will be open for caching on 10/7 (Friday).


As always (ok, almost always - I HAD to get the APE cache last time) I'm game for just about anything.


I know it's early, but wanted to throw out my date before too many plans were made. Hope to connect with some of ya this time (old friends as well as new).

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C'mon...5 for 5 - now you're jsut teasing me :lol: .


MA - Those all sound good - but the first two mention snow. Will that be true this time of year? I don;t have gaitors (sp?) but would plan on boots and appropriate gear if so.


Remember us Califonia-types chill easily if it's under 75 degrees out :lol: .

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... where are we going that won;t require me to pack snow gear?

Did Granite this weekend (5600 ft) no snow yet. Wore a tee shirt the whole time except when sitting at the top.


But now those Californians tend to have less tolerance for temps below 75, and some have less insulation than I do. :rolleyes: .

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I've done two of the three Mountains in that range (Squak and one more - have to check my finds).


I'm staying in Bellevue but will go anywhere that's do-able in the time that I have.

I know you have some finds on Cougar since I was with you that trip. There were five suggestions closer to Snoqualmie posted earlier.

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