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What Do You Make Of This Cache?


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Gee, did anyone tell those guys that they were breaking the law by hiding a cache there?

Well, I'm half right! Did anyone else notice that even though from the decription it sounds like just one cache, the coords at the top of the article are totally different from the coords at the bottom of the article? Noobs! :lol:


Anyone out there wanna see if this thing still exists? How do you log a DNF or SBA anyway??? :angry:

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Looks like it's connected to the TV show TechTv/Call For Help.


Interesting....somebody from the show probably heard about caching and went off and did this a while ago.

I would hope so.... Ed (Buxley's) has appeared on the show on three seperate occasions over the past few years.


Anyone in the area checked the coordinates to see what it is all about ???

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Both are in San Francisco... just a bit outside of my normal caching radius.


The first set of coordinates is near the beach in San Francisco - west of Lake Merced.

The second is on the bayshore just south of 3Com Park.


How can we transfer this thread over to the regional forum?

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This had to do with an article/show that TechTV did on geocaching a long time ago. I believe that Buxley was interviewed, but I am not sure. What is surprising to me is that there isn't a geocache too close to those coords.


TechTV cache 1 color aerial photo


TechTV cache 2 color aerial photo


They both look like good placements. I bet the caches are still there. I wonder if there are instructions in the cache where to log your find online.



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