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Usb To 9 Pin Adaptor Not Working


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Well, first thing to check is if the COM port is already being used. Do you know which port it is? Probably COM1, I'm guessing. Do you have a dial-up modem? Is it also set to COM1? IN any case, if something (inside the PC) is using the same port as the external connector, then you need to move that device to a different COM port.


If it is all hunky-dory, I dunno...

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Usually a purchased USB adapter comes with its own drivers. Are you sure you have the proper driver? If yes then on to whatever software you're trying to use. Check the settings menus for "GPS" or "ports" for a setting of "COM1", COM2" etc. You might have to experiment with different ports until you find the right one. My software has a interface "dot" that is either green, yellow or red which lets me know at a glance if it is receiving the GPS data.


Is your GPS sending data to your laptop? Check in the setup screen of your GPS to make sure the Interface serial data format is set to "NMEA" (mine is set to 4800 baud)

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<_< Ok, i got it. this is kind of puzzling to me. i downloaded swiss army knife, and it has a utility that let me hunt around the com ports. i finally got in on com4. apparently the only ones open are 3 (modem) and 4. but the puzzling part, is when i go over to easygps, it will still not recognize my serial connection. it says it is receiving data etc. so score another victory for GSAK Version 5.0.1 aka Swiss Army Knife.


thanks to all of you for helping me out of this one. now i am going out in a few days and find my first cache. that's the one we always remember, eh?


thanks again

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