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Res2100 Hits 1500!!


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Ralph, congrats on hitting your Milestone of 1500 caches. You have kept up an amazing pace, and the statistics you keep are really interesting.



Ah, I have it on good authority that if it weren't for Tylor's sharp eye-sight and powers of observation the number would be considerably less...... <_<<_<


Congrats Ralph............and Tylor of course, on your success. I hope you keep it up and never tire of it all.


Cheers, Olar

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Congrats Ralph! I've been along on one or two of those caches and had a great time ... well, almost every time. <_<


I'm still working through your professional caches that you've placed. You sure know what caching is all about! Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm. I hope you continue to place more caches and to allow me to tag along on some more (especially the really hard math ones, although I'm not so sure about the Coupar Angus ones.) <_<

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Congratulations, Ralph and Tylor! 1500 is a forbitable number for sure.

(Tylor's help must be the key!!) <_<


We wish you both many more safe finds.. Cache On Guys !!


BTW What is the record for the most finds by any cacher? Anybody know?


Soon as we retire in a couple years we hope to get up there.


Murfster and Tink

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Thanks all for the kind words. Now to get started on our quest for 2000 (I predict sometime in Sept 2005)...that cold weather really stopped our caching plans on Sunday. Yes Coupar I am looking forward to finishing your After the Gold Rush cache...3 stages down, 2 to go. Hopefully one day next week, preferabbly during a snow storm just to make it more challenging...and I plan on bringing Tylor along this time.

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