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Well, last year I was paperless, using my wifes iPaq pocket pc. I was using it, because she could not sync it at her work computer there in MA. Since we have been here in NC, her new job can sync it and she has been using it. drats! i really enjoy the paperless route, but don't want to spend a lot of money. What's the best bargain out there? Can the zire be used? I did a search and saw where some were using it, but will it suffice? i'm all getting the most for the buck, so if anyone can throw out any recommendations, please do. I don't want to spend over a couple hundred bucks though for sure. The cheaper the better!

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A used Palm V off of Ebay for around $35.00 is likely to be your best bet if you plan to use it solely for Geocaching. It is pretty much a perfect fit for the activity.


I use a Zire 21, which is a bit of overkill, but I also use it for other stuff as well, and even those can be had NEW for around $100.00.

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I was just looking at the zire 31...it ssems to have some nice little extras...brand new just a little over $100...Would probably use it for some other things. I have seen zire's at the discount stores for under $100 and really didn't think they were the same thing as other palm pilots. I thought they were overpriced address books...lol

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I had been using my ipaq but didn't like the idea of dragging all my work stuff out into the woods. Just bought a Palm M105 for $12.95 on ebay, which included the synch cradle, software, and an additional CD with extra software. That model has been selling for about $20 on ebay. Haven't tried it out yet but with 8 meg it should be enough. I don't plan to keep on it every cache I've ever found or hope to find. I like the idea of a PDA that uses regular batteries instead of rechargeable cell. Out in the woods on long hunts if it runs low on power just pop in a couple of fresh AAA and continue on.

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I have a PocketPC that I use for everyday things. After cracking the screens on 2 GPS units, I decided I did not want to do the same with my PocketPC. Office Max had a sale, the day after Thanksgiving the Palm Zire 31 for $100.


Bushwhacking Queen, Ecorangers and I each purchased one. So far, it has been great. We go on long, 16-24 hour geocaching marathons. The Palms are used to read the cache pages and to post notes of our finds. I would suggest purchasing the car power adapter if you are going on a longer day like we have.


One of us can pull the pocket query, convert the files and then can beam them to the others.


Our Palm came with a hard plastic case. One easy modification and we were off .. use use a long shoelace strung through the case to hold the Palm.

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OK, I've tried three different Palms (IIIxe, Tungsten E, and Tungsten T5). I had problems with the IIIxe due to black and white display and poor contrast, making it difficult to read outdoors. The Tungsten E worked great with most software. I've used Plucker and Cachemate on the E with no problems. The problem with my E came when I tried to us Delorme Street Atlas 2005 Handheld. The processor of the E just didn't seem to have enought horsepower to run SAH. The Tungsten T5 which cost over your target amount has a processor than runs about 4 times as fast as the E. SAH runs well on it, and the T5 also has bluetooth, should you wish to use one of the many BT GPSr. My recommendation is to bite the bullet and after defineing your needs (read desires) get what you want, price be d***.

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I use the Palm m515 - it's an older model with a color screen, an SD card (in case you do want to keep a ton of stuff on it) and it can be obtained pretty cheaply these days. Personally, I think using a cheap PDA for caching is a good idea, for that invevitable day when it slips out of your hand when you're standing on the top of a cliff or the bank of a river. :(


I use Cachemate, which costs $8 and works great on the Palm, in combination with Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) which is free to try and $20 to buy.


GSAK allows you to download geoaching pocket queries (as a premium member) and manipulate (filter, sort) the cache listings a thousand ways, then export them directly to the Palm installer. You can automate the whole process - load a GPX file, filter caches and export with a single mouse click.


Both Cachemate and GSAK allow you to log your finds and write notes, and you can export the cachmate file to the Palm desktop memo application and copy and past the information into GSAK if you wish. :)

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So you were able to post notes of your finds on the cache page on your zire? I couldn't do that on the pocket pc, but it might of been the software i was using. What software were you using?

I have the Zire21 and Cachemate and you can record your log in there. You can write it in with a little practice or like me use the little typewriter pop-up window. Log the start and finish time and TB's too. Then there's a pop-up menu that you can search for the nearest caches. Pretty handy, I don't know how I did without it.

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