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Question to Garmin V users

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My question is concerning the antenna. Does the antenna have to be extended during use? If so, does it ever become a problem when using the unit. I guess what I'm asking does the antenna sticking out from the unit ever become a hindrance compared to the internal antenna units?




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I am a fairly new V owner but use the thing every day. I have found that it is rather important to have the antenna sticking straight up to get the best reception. The antenna was not and has not been a concern. It does not get in the way. As a matter of fact I have a case for mine that hangs on the shoulder strap of my pack which allows the antenna to stick out of it for better reception. I think this thread is a great read if you are considering a V. It displays the ups and downs that I was going through in the early days of owning my V. You will find things more important in that thread than the external antenna getting in the way. For example the two antenna types are briefly described which makes a difference to what your doing and should be a consideration. I think it really comes down to what you plan on doing with your unit and the features that you want. Back to the antenna sticking out, no it won't cause you any problems.



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I have owned a Garmin V for several months now. I have never had a situation that I can recall where the antenna has been a problem. In fact, it has been a positive feature. It gets much better reception under cover than the patch antenna of my basic Etrex. Also, while walking, I can carry my GV down at my side and angle the antenna in the up position and still have great reception. I haven't been able to carry my Etrex like that and be able to maintain a signal. The Garmin V is a great unit.




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Although its the only receiver I've owned so I can't compare it against any other model I am totally happy with its performance. I use it in the car all the time and the antenna has no problem with signal pick-up at all. Out and about the antenna has caused me no problems by getting snagged in anything. It does get a better signal when pointing stright up but this is not a hindrance



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