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Question On Gps V


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I have a Garmin GPS II+ thats hit the windshield and been dropped one too many times. I was thinking of getting a GPS V to replace it. I like the handheld/dash mode. I looked at the GPS V on Garmin's site, but I did not see a nav screen with a compass and an arrow for geocaching. Does it have such a mode?

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Yes, you can tell the GPS V to show a compass vs routing on streets. It also switches orientation between horizontal in the car and vertical in your hand.


What was the most limiting feature to me on the GPS V was the 19MB of memory and that uploading to it was very slow over the serial connection.


Compare the V to the 60C(S) with 56MB or the 76C(S) with 115MB with the speed of USB and if you can afford it, it is something you should definitely investigate.

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In spite of its limitations, the GPS V Deluxe with the included CitySelect maping software is a phenomenal value at the current price. If you compare it to the newer, better featured units, remember that you will have to buy the maps separately which adds substantially to the total price. Depending on your situation, it might be worth it, but many people would find a GPS V would meet all of their needs at a very low price.

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I too started with a III+ and now have a V. You will find all the same features on the V that you had on the III. Once I used the autorouting the first time I could not imagine going anywhere new without it and so far have not.


The 19 megs of memory is the only draw back and each time I have needed more it has only been by a small amount.


Holding out for whatever may replace it one day and thus still using my V.


Like Neo Geo said ... download the manual and you will see what it has and does.

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