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Garmin 60c Randomly Shuts Off...

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Greetings! I always get great information from these forums, so I'm back for another try...


When I'm using the GPSr for navigating (either turn by turn directions, or on the trail) I will look up at the 60c and notice that the screen is blank. I press the power button to turn it on (again) and it will work fine for anywhere from a minute to several days and then it shuts off again.


The unit has never been dropped or mistreated... I've tried using new batteries with the same results... It has the v3.50 firmware installed... When in the car I use the sturdy RAM mount with 4" suction so it is not getting "jarred" or anything like that.


Its really annoying because it always happens when you need to know where to go next, and it can be REALLY annoying when I'm on my motorcycle and have to pull over to push buttons.


I guess my question is simply this: DOES ANYONE ELSE'S TURN OFF ON THEM? (and WHY!?)


Milan :lol:

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Some of the units were shipped with battery terminals that do not hold their connections very well. There is some ranting about this in the 60CS thread. I'll link to it in the FAQ thread when I have the time.


Two solutions. (i) Pry the terminal connections out a little bit so the hold tighter; or (ii) stick a little stryofoam, foam rubber, etc. behind the contacts to force them to hold the batteries more tightly.


If this doesn't solve the problem, you may need to send the unit in to Garmin.


Edit: Discussed here and here

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If it happens with external power, you are right. This is a different problem. I'm Hopeful that someone else will chime in with an idea. Otherwise, it sound like you need to contact Garmin.


The good news is that their warranty work is great and fast. The bad news is you have to send it to them, and will be without your GPSr for a week or 10 days.

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I was having the same issue with my 60C. :unsure: I would look at the screen, all was fine, look away then look back and the unit was off. I would turn it back on and it would run for 3 to 7 mins then turn off. It did not not matter if it was connected to ext power or running on batt power. If I turned it off for 20 mins or so it would then work fine for weeks at a time. :)

But now I don't have to worry about it turning off because the dadgum thing would turn on. :)

I checked the spring contact in the battery case, not an issue.

The unit has not been dropped or damaged.

When I try to turn the unit on, I see a faint flash of the screen but then nothing. So it is back to Garmin it goes. I am just glad it is still under warranty.



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I found that for me, putting a large amount of terminal grease at each end of the batteries and on each of the springs eliminated this problem. For me, it was always shutting off when it got jarred a little bit, breaking the contact between the battery and the springs in the battery compartment. It's a cheap fix, so it might be worth a try.

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<_< You think you have a weird problem, I got one for you. When I go to work my 60c will turn off automattically right at the same place each day. I can predict exactly when it will turn off. When I come home from the opposite direction I have no problem. Also if i use the find to create a destination then it will work okay.
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I can't speak for your specific model, but the 2 Garmin units I have seem to be very sensitive to input voltage fluctuations. When new, my eMap would turn itself off once in a while. The solution that worked for me was switching to different batteries (which fit more snugly) and updating the firmware. I do know that when running from external DC the unit will power off when current is applied or removed and the internal batteries are less than optimal. Just the nature of the beast methinks.

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:rolleyes: You think you have a weird problem, I got one for you. When I go to work my 60c will turn off automattically right at the same place each day. I can predict exactly when it will turn off. When I come home from the opposite direction I have no problem. Also if i use the find to create a destination then it will work okay.

A GPS turning off in the same place everyday? Wow that's interesting! Maybe some intense RF interference?


I'd post that waypoint/travel direction and notify Garmin and any other 60c users to see if anyone else can re-create the outage. I'd be interested to hear what Garmin had to say about what kind of energy/frequency could knock out GPSr power in the same place daily.

I access the debug menu in cell phones for detailed network/power/data rate info and perhaps there is a similar sub menu in the 60cs, which might provide some clues, as to what is happening signal wise?


My 60cs shut off, due to battery terminal weakness. Sent it back to Garmin. Also mentioned in a note that my screen had a bad scratch.

Garmin replaced the scratched screen for FREE, along with the battery terminal fix and sw upgrade!

Guess which GPSr brand I am going to keep buying the rest of my life and recommend to everyone? I don't think there is a better supported device than Garmin...is there?


Now, I _always_ put a PDA type protector screen film on all my portable devices, especially cell phones, since flip model screens are often etched/clouded by their own keypads...and it's highly unlikely any cell phone maker/carrier is going to replace a scratched screen, without charging a bunch of money!




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Just for everyone's info, I had the same problem with my 60C after about 6 months of use. The Canadian repair dealer returned the GPS to Garmin for repairs.

They replaced the "rear case" (and the scratched screen) under warrenty. Unfortunately, I sent it in on Dec 6, 2004 and got it back on Jan 6, 2005 but I guess the Christmas hollidays caused the delay.

I'm not sure if it turned off again today or not..... got my fingers crossed...


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I have had some problems myself and have found it to be caused by elecro magnetic / radio frequency (RF) interference. There are certain areas I go through, or place my unit in a certain location or by an object, and it will turn off. This was agrivating for awhile till I found the problem and decided it was one of those things I would have to live with. There would have to be additional shielding of the unit to keep the stray RF from turning off the unit. I'm just hoping it isn't the kind that will damage my GPS.

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Hi all,


I have an answer for some of you.


I recently started using my 60CS on a newly purchased motorbike in conjunction with a Garmin handlebar mount. My GPSr was turning itself off after varying intervals while riding. Having not had any problems while using it with a power cable in my car I changed the batteries etc but to no avail.


I went to my Garmin service dealer (I'm a dealer in Australia) who told me of the batteries breaking contact problem and told me too check between the terminals for small black foam inserts. ( my unit was already fitted with them from the factory).


He then told me of another problem that he had only seen once before. There are some internal gold plated springs (four I think) that act as contacts between the battery compartment and the circuit board. These springs can break contact with the circuit board due to the vibrations caused by motorcycle travel.


The Garmin remedy was to take off the rear casing and slightly stretch these springs to provide more tension. I've yet to test the operation on my bike again but my Garmin people assure me this will solve the problem of my GPSr shutting down.


I'll let you all know how it goes.

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I tried using the remedy you speak of just a couple of months ago. It worked flawlessly until about 2 weeks ago. Now what is happening is the added pressure (coupled with high RPM's from the motor - my bike is at 6,000 - 7,000 RPM at highway speeds) has worn off the golden-metallic conductors on the green circuit board. My next trip is to have a drop of solder added to each of the two contacts on the circuit board to create a better connection.


This is very annoying and I hope GARMIN can come up with a HIGH RPM solution sometime soon, as I love riding with navigation.

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For all of you Garmin 60(c cx csx) users who have had occasional, repeated, or sudden power loss, try this. Go to your toolbox and get a small phillips screwdriver. Then gently tighten the screws on the back of the gps unit, as well as the screws under the battery cover. Seems the screws tend to become loose and contact is loss with the batteries. I repaired a seemily irrepairable Garmin by this simple fix. Saved myself 160 repair bill. My unit would shutdown when turned face down. It would however run without the battery cover on. This lead me to check the screws which were noticiably loose.

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I had same repetitive auto-shutdown problem on my 60csx. I sended it to garmin for repair last month. Garmin replaces it by the new one and sended it to me yesterday. I will try it during my xmas vacation week.

- Calkan, I take note your trick. I'll try my new unit without tightening screws on the back to see if it really works fine. If not, I'll do your trick.

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