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Request For Help From Widow Of Silent Key

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Hi! My husband was N8XAJ. I came to know hams as kind, helpful people. Is there a kind, helpful ham somewhere in mid-Michigan who'd be willing to coach me on some of the techy details of this stuff? I purchased an etrex legend and there's a lot to it, like downloading the right kind of mapping software so I get more than a dot when I look at the entire City of Saline!!! :lol: A few minutes with someone who likes this stuff and understands it could save me a lot of hours of poring over the manual.


I'd really like to figure it out before my grandson comes for a visit.


Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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When I bought my first GPS (Garmin eTrex yellow), I had no idea how to use it and the owners manual didn't help. I messed with it for a day or two and decided I needed help. I ended up going to Wal-Mart and bought the video tape that went along with the unit. That video helped out greatly. After you watch the video you'll be able to navigate throught the GPS and wooded areas like a pro. I'd suggest buying a video that matches your unit, or the next closest one and watching it.






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Dear all,


Thanks so much for caring enough to respond, and taking the time.


Since my first post, I've purchased the MetroGuide mapping software, installed it on my laptop, and with the help of geochers Terry and Sandy (Homebru2 + wife), learned a lot of basic stuff I needed to learn: how to set a waypoint for a place I haven't visited yet, how to download detail maps for a metro area, how to re-set the navigation records, how to have it find a city, etc. Really helpful stuff!


My grandson Andrew and I went out and he loved it! Even though we didn't find the exact spot of the first one we looked for, he found four with his family when they went to Florida, and he was very proud to inform me what a virtual cache is.


Since then, I've used the GPSr to find a cache myself, introducd the sport to two friends, and figure out how to get from the airport in Phoenix out to a residence in Mesa (my first time driving in Arizona). Both friends loved it! When we went out, once in a woods in lower Michigan and once in the desert out there, I kept my eye on the GPSr and Dorothy and Manuela kept their eyes on the environment. It worked great! In each case, they spotted it before I did and were so proud and excited!


When I first bought the GPSr, I thought Andrew would benefit from a ham to help him out and mentor him, but it looks as if his mom and dad are taking a strong interest in it, so I was worrying for no reason, as I sometimes do.


Some day, I'm going to have to go to one of the geocaching events. If everyone's as helpful as you all, and Homebru2, this is a wonderful group of people to connect up with!


Live long and prosper!



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Looks like I am a bit late finding this thread, but I am available for questions anytime!


We have a group of 20+ hams in our geocaching association (Alabama Geocachers Association (AGA)), doing everything from basic comms to APRS while geocaching.


I or one of us can answer all of your questions directly, instead of referring you to reading material!


Call me!


Ed Manley at 205-956-6814

W4AGA on the Birmingham Alabama W4CUE 146.880 Repeater

TheAlabamaRambler on Yahoo Instant Messenger


TheAlabamaRambler at www.alacache.com

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