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Tnlnsl A Rante!

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Too bad, really. He's got our measure--imbeciles all. So much so that we couldn't possibly look at his logs and find this item from his second of three finds (GCJ9QP):


January 1 by SpiffJr (3 found)

Our second find! Our e-trex got us to within 4 feet on a drizzly new years day. The cache contents are starting to look pretty sad. Caches aren't trash receptacles.

Like a camp site: Leave a cache better than you found it!

Took batteries, left glider.


If batteries are assumed to be the standard four pack of AAs that GPSrs live on, and a glider is assumed to be one of those small balsa kits, our hero traded down a cache that was already in sad shape. Sources:

Batteries at Walmart

Balsa gliders at Ace Hardware

So Spiff traded a glider, valued at 1.29 to 2.19 (suggested list) for a pack of batteries valued at 2.74 (Walmart on sale). And this was in a cache that needed help, one in which most of the folks here would have taken nothing and left a little something to spruce it up.

Spiff, we didn't agree to your "unassailable" point because even with our limited intelligences we recognized a setup. You gave an example in which you made a comparison to saying the Unabomber didn't kill anyone because Saddam killed so many more. Suppose in that same discussion someone, out of the blue, said, "so, you're a vegetarian, right?"

If you don't get it, don't worry. Just a little brain-donor humor.

Cache, enjoy and be well.

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I have honestly never met more living brain donors in one group of people in my entire life.




It is not an exaggeration of any kind. And I have met many people in many groups.

Lets see..


Nope, not worth it.


Cache On.. The fun is in the hunt, the finds are a bonus.

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My favourite trade item is a good story. I really enjoy reading about interesting experiences people had at the cache, avoiding onlookers, or just seeing a view I thought they might enjoy.


I stick a bunch of stuff in there too -- ussually $2-$5 items from a local dollar store. Some kids toys, some trail tools -- that sort of stuff. Primarily on the 1/1 caches that I am more likely to be serving to children. I'm also thinking of placing geocaching stuff like T-Shirts, patches, unactivated Travel Bugs on some of the 3/3 to 5/5 caches that I am planning or as part of multi-stage treasure hunts. I also visit the caches at least once every 6 months (more in the summer, less in the winter) to re-stock and clean them up a little. Which if probably why I am not too concerned about what people put in, but don't want them to just take. (TS LN SL) --- grrrrr. (ah... who am I kidding, if someone REALLY wants something, go for it)


Overall -- something for everyone. I don't much care for TNLNSL all alone as an entry, but that isn't for me to decide. Maybe the person was in a hurry, someone was coming down the path, they didn't have much to say -- that's okay. I do agree that if that was exclusively what people wrote then I would likely stop placing caches because the feedback would be pretty dull.


Seems there's something here for everyone to enjoy.

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Just my humble opinion here, but if you don't care to partake of a cache that has items to trade or circulate -- maybe you need to limit yourself to microcaches and virtual sites -- that way you're not under any obligation to mess with things you don't want and/or don't need. A simple "SL" is all it takes

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Just my humble opinion here, but if you don't care to partake of a cache that has items to trade or circulate -- maybe you need to limit yourself to microcaches and virtual sites -- that way you're not under any obligation to mess with things you don't want and/or don't need. A simple "SL" is all it takes


Who said they don't care to partake of caches that contain trade items? I haven't seen one confirmed case of trinket-phobia in this thread. Some cachers, sometimes, prefer not to trade and prefer not to tolerate irrational nonsense to the effect that following their preference harms caches.


You'll notice we're not advocating an abolition of trading or suggesting that traders avoid caches that contain only a logbook.


In my humble opinion, this thread is fraying to the breaking point.

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I don't trade items, except for Travel bugs or geocoins. To me, geocaching is about finding caches. If you look at my profile (or anyones for that matter), you'll find stats on how many caches I found, not how many items I traded. The added benefits of finding caches are: Visiting new places, taking in the scenery, sharing the experience with someone else, taking and sharing pictures, and sharing my experience with other geocachers by logging the Find. Unless I'm trading a travel bug or geocoin the only thing I look for in a cache is the logbook. If the cache contained a $100 bill, I wouldn't know it. When I return from a cache hunt, others will ask me if I found the cache, how was the hike, the scenery, did I see any deer? No one will care if I traded a plastic dinosaur for a golf ball.


But when I hide a new cache, I try to stock it with new and useful items. Sometimes they will be Dollar store items, but usually I'll go to a hardware store, or toy store, and try to provide items that will be useful to some one, like tools, or useful household items. Invariably, 6 months to a year later, all of my cache items will have been replaced by marbles, pennys, McDonald toys, etc. But I don't get upset over it. I get amused by it. You can't dictate how others play the game, and it doesn't do any good to stress about it either.

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I'm glad this came up. I asked my husband this week if he thought we should always leave something even if we don't take anything. Kind of a "tip" for the cache adventure. We're still under 100 - so this "tip" idea may get old. I'm guilty of the TNLNSL, without realizing that that might be seen an an offense to the creator of the cache. Sorry. <_<

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