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Dutch Wonderland


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Are there any caches in or immediately around Dutch Wonderland?


I'll be up next week and I looked at the maps, but wouldn't you know it - Dutch Wonderland is not listed with a big star on it. I see a few caches on Rt 30 but I don't know if they are near the park or not.


Thanks for the help!

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Doc, please tell me you're not leaving the nice warm mecca of amusement parks to travel to Dutch Wonderland? :lol:

LOL!! I can't take any more of the mouse! :o


Actually, visiting family in Lancaster for x-mas and the Mrs. was looking for something interesting to do with our 2 yr old.


(I said: What? Caching isn't interesting?? - At which point I got bonked in the head! :D )

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You may want to consider this attraction ...

I agree, Strasburg RR is a great place for kids and adults alike. I was just down there a couple of weeks ago with my son.


A word of warning about the RT 30 area - I hope you like micros. We were down there to help out a travel bug who wanted to visit heaven. Paradise, PA seemed like a good place for him, so we made a day out of it. I had a heck of a time finding a cache nearby that wasn't a micro. There's one right outside the town of Strasburg, but not many besides that. Unfortunately, we got a flat tire and ended up losing the sunlight before making it there, but we did get a picture of Eeyore in Paradise before heading home.


If you follow the advice to head up towards Hershey, you'll find plenty of caches in the woods if you're not a hide-from-the-muggles type.

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