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Looking For Geocacher In Pérols / France


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my name is Martin (aka JeeperMTJ on gc.com) and I am looking for a partner to complete the Sister geocache (GC4226). As Pérols near Montpellier is the sister city of my hometown "Flörsheim am Main" in Germany I was wondering if anybody from this area is willing to do this with me.


You can find more information about the sister geocache here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...decrypt=y&log=y


For anybody planning a vacation in France: Pérols is located in the departement Hérault (34) with the postal code is 34470, Région Languedoc Roussillon.


Coords are: 43° 33' 51" , 3° 57' 15" or 43.5644 , 3.9544


Of course I will provide fotos and coords from Flörsheim for you own log.


Hope to hear from anybody soon.


rgds, Martin

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Hi Martin,


I estimate there are about 50 active geocachers in the whole of France. If I were you I'd look for people in the twin towns of Mainz or Wiesbaden.


If by any chance you are about to visit Donaueschingen, I'm still trying to find a "Sisters" partner there, and that's for my nearest medium-sized town (Saverne).


Nick, in "darkest" France

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50 cachers aren´t that much, indeed. I was wondering why there are so few caches in France.

"Chicken and egg" problem: not many cachers, not many caches. Although it doesn't seem to have stopped other countries getting started. Also factor in population density, low GPS ownership (just try buying one), limited command of English, and



"Near the Stanislas Fountain" is a pretty cache. You can park about 100 metres away, but the hotel is closed for the winter.

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