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Micro Caches And Travel Bugs


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I recently had a new idea for placing travel bugs in micro caches. Obviously, one can probably hide their travel bugs near a micro cache, but my idea is kind of different.


I have a micro cache in a local park that forbids storage of property (the town board and mayor approve of geocaches, however). So, I've decided to have a seporate area for the travel bugs located on private property with the permission of the property owner.


The location is noted boldly in the cache listing. The travel bug area is located right across the street.


What do others think of such an approach? Has it been done before, and if so, how did it work out? :grin:

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Sounds like an interesting approach, but I think that sounds more like a multi.

The micro being the first stage leading to your "TB area" as the main cache.

Well, actually, the log and everything are in the cache container itself. I've just provided a different area for storage of travel bugs. I guess you could see it as a multi, but to log it, all you have to find is the cache itself. :grin:

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I think that is a novel solution to this problem. I hope it works out. Is there a container for the TB's or do they just get left behind the door though?

Thank you!!! :grin: It's a 10 x 10 foot enclosed porch! My parents own the house and they're fans of geocaching, so they didn't mind allowing people to drop off their travel bugs. There's a specific spot that is clearly marked.


It's got plenty of space as it is, and it's weatherproof, so I don't think that a "box" inside this 10 X 10 enclosed space is really necessary, but I have considered it. Perhaps I will place a box on the porch behind the door as well.


So far (as of right now), I have three bugs waiting to be picked up...


Travel Bug In A Mug

Log Book 1

Public Pay Phone


There's plenty of room for larger travel bugs (witinin reason!) to be placed here. Also, my folks are semi-retired so they've volunteered to help keep an eye on them and make sure they're kept safe and dry. :grin:

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Sure, why not? You wouldn't have to visit the container if there were no bugs to pick up or drop off.


Now the question is will it be accepted by an approver. There may be some tweaking necessary to get it approved.

Actually it's been there for some time and people have wanted to drop of bugs. It's just a way around leaving them right next to the cache itself.


Besides, it makes the micro into a cache depot since it is right in the middle of a highly populated area. :blink:

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