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Delorme Blue Logger Gps Receiver

Cache Viking

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has anyone her used the Delorme Blue Logger GPS Receiver with Blue Tooth on a Pocket PC?


I am looking to use this as an in-car navigation unit and my Garmin V for caching. I am also hoping that it can hold more map data than my V.


I would like to know how you like it and how much map data can be put on the PDA?

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I'm just getting interested, but thought I'd answer your post.

I've got the Bluelogger w/ Street Atlas 2005 for PC and the HandHeld. (Thanks, Santa!)

I love the Bluelogger, since there's no cables like the USB Earthmate...and it works just fine with my iPAQ 5555.

I did have to purchase the BlueLogger Manager software for the PDA, which lets me check logging settings, etc, on the unit from the PDA and not only from the laptop.

The map data is a little different...you pick the area(s) you're going to be in, and download just those maps to the PDA in advance. If you have extra storage like a CF or SD card, you can have multiple maps. This is to conserve space on the PDA...I've got a map of the entire Kansas City metro area at street level, and it runs just over 20 MB.

The only drawback to the PDA in the car is that the speaker isn't oud enough to hear turn-by-turn directions if you're using them.

I've just been on a couple road trips with the Bluelogger, and found it easy to use, and I've been impressed with the battery life...out of the box on the first full charge I ran it continually for close to 8 hours.




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I'm using mapopolis on my 5555 and am planing on getting the blue logger. I have all of the state of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho on my storage card, with only half the space used on the 256mb SD card. You should be able to us the blue logger with other mapping software.


By the way, you can use one of these to get your pda sound to play to your car stereo. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5740995803&rd=1

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