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Garmin Gps 18 $99.99


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Boy that is a good deal. I bought the GPS 18 for my son in Alaska a few weeks ago from TVNAV. COM for $120 and thought it was a good deal. That is cheaper than just the City Select v6 software that comes with it. For those that have a laptop it should be great. You can load the entire US and most of Canada on your laptop and have turn by turn routing for all of it. My son borrows my van type RV every April and used my old Street Pilot driving the MS Streets and Trips. This will do the same thing with routing. Dick, W7WT

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How do you like it?

I think it works great. It picks up the sats really fast, unlike my Vista that seems to take forever. The software gives you all of the US and alows you to register it to two GPSr's. Had some trouble figuring out how to load City Select so I could download maps to the Vista. Had to down load City Select from Garmin.com.

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Be sure you're getting the GPS 18-Deluxe including the City Select software. The part number on the CDW site (010-00321-01) is Garmin's number for the OEM version of the GPS 18 (USB) which doesn't include the software. 010-00321-00 would be the part number for the bundled version with City Select.

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I just looked at the catalog here at work and it clearly states that CDW #652456 is bundled with nRoute & City Select software for $99.99. But when I go to their site it makes no mention of the software, so right now I am in contact with my CDW account rep who is trying to verify one way or the other.

Will keep you posted.

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I finially got a call back from my CDW rep and it turns out that the flyer was in error. The price for the GPS 18 bundled with the software is $120. Not the best deal in the world after all but not the worst deal either. If you have been planning on buying Street mapping software for you Garmin GPS this might be worth looking into. :blink:

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