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Getting Our Priorities Straight...

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My son (age 6) and I had spotted a cache yesterday at the top of a steep muddy bank. I said, "Let's go back up to the path and come in from the other side so we won't get all muddy." "But Dada," he replied, "getting all muddy is what Geocaching is all about!"


So we went up the steep bank :anicute:

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:unsure: Yes, but... The steep muddy bank might be more fun, especially coming down. But it also might lead to more erosion and de-stablize the bank. Isn't it considered good outdoor practice to remain on the established trails/paths as much as possible? Sure, geocachers often have to hide caches a bit off the beaten path to make them muggle-resistant, but we should respect the environment -- especially if we don't want land managers chasing us away. Trying to remember when my son was 6, I think he was old enough then to understand a simple stated explanation of why we would want to use the path rather than the slippery slope. (Besides that fact that his mom would be very unhappy if we came into the house dripping mud.) Edited by The Old Bet Brigade
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