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Aa Hits 1000!!!


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I would just like to congratulate Amazon Annie on hitting a magnificant milestone of 1000 cache finds in such a short period and being only the 4th Cacher in Canada to achieve this milestone. 3rd in Ontario, and the first female in Canada also. Perhaps even the first individual female geocacher in the world to reach 1000 cache finds. From what I figure you did this in 489 days, which is over 2 caches a day average and you even beat me to this milestone by 49 days.


It has been an honour to have gone caching with you so many times. I see you have already started your journey to 2000.

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:unsure::unsure::huh::huh::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D :D:D:D:D


Annie and me did our #400's together back on May 22 in Sarnia. Since then, she has managed to sneak ahead of me by a little bit.


Annie is now over 1000. Me? Well, I'm still on my way to 600.


Annie is an inspiring cacher, and an incredible friend.


Congratulations Annie. I hope I can make it to your 2000 party!


(I'd post more smiley's, but apparently there is a limit of 20)

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:D Thanks Res and everyone for your wonderful comments. I certainly never dreamed that I would reach this number at all, let alone so quickly. I didn't do this alone - Res2100, Nozzletime, Algonquin Bound, TrimblesTrek, capjap & Buttons and Beaux and were the biggest contributors to those numbers by allowing me to tag along. There are many others but the list would get too long - you know who you are, and thanks!


Thanks to all those cachers out there who placed the caches - both here in Ontario and in PEI and down in the U.S.A. (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York). I've got some favourites and some that I hope to forget :blink:


I am sure that Res2100 and Nozzletime need not fear that I will catch up to them. I really do need to get a life/job as TT has suggested though, that will slow me down I guess. Thanks again!

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Well done Annie !


Finding a thousand caches is impressive, and knowing how much you enjoy the other facets of caching makes you quite the inspiration.


Annie, for those that don't know her, enjoys caching for the right reasons.... fun, to see the sites, to enjoy the friendships she's made, just to be a part of it.


Annie is not one to rush out to be first finder, or even complete to be the one to find the cache when she is caching with others.


That, to me, is what makes Annie special... her desire to enjoy caching for herself and others, not as a competition.


She has also stepped up in other roles, like working with Conservation Authorities, helping organize GHAGAFAP and other events.


The 1000 finds is great, but it is just a facet of the diamond that is Amazon Annie!


:lol: The Blue Quasar

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