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How Could This Happen ?

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We were out caching today and discovered 2 caches within 55 feet of each other. I thought this was not supposed to happen ? Granted one was a Premium members only and the other was not . Did this have something to do with it ?


Here are the links to the 2 caches in questions in order of there placement approvals.


Oct. 1, 2004

Indiana Spirit Quest #54: Dead End


Oct. 3, 2004

Non-Premium Six Dog Cemetary Cache

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quotes guidlines for placement


"The approvers use a rule of thumb that caches placed within .10 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) of another cache may not be listed on the site. This is an arbitrary distance and is just a guideline, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of caches hidden in a particular area and to reduce confusion that might otherwise result when one cache is found while looking for another. "



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From the title and placement date of the second cache I think the second cache was meant to mimic the first, and not-coincidentally lead to general finds of the MOC. It sounds snarky to me, but it's in Indiana and not my territory to complain about. Or who knows, maybe it's a private joke between the two placers.


As long as they're labeled well and you know which one you found, I guess that's good enough...?

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Perhaps a mistake? Perhaps something else.


Live and let live.  If neither cache is broken, there is no reason they can't continue to co-exist.

I totally agree. The approver obviously made a simple mistake and missed the (golden) rule about cache distance. Theres no reason to drive a spike between these two caches. No harm, no foul.

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Probably a mistake. Possibly the result of a cache owner misleading an approver. That is way too close. You want them far enough apart to at least not be able to accidently discover one cache when looking for another. It could get confusing with people logging one cache and thinking its another.

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There's a pair like that in my area, and I think I worked out how it happened. It's a good spot. The first was archived for quite a while post-muggling, during which the second was placed, then the first un-archived again. No-one has mentioned it in the logs, though, because...well, woohoo! Bonus cache!

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At the moment, neither appear to be MOCs, has this been changed recently?


The guidelines used to not be so strict about distance, though this are both new caches so thats probably the reason.


Either the approver(s) that reviewed these caches messes up / or were working at the same time. Or it was approached anyways because it was different/interesting enough to waive the distance rules.

Unless they're right on top of each other I wouldn't bother, because your going to be getting an active cache archived.

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Well we have heard from Sir LEadDog about his feelings on this therfore we are going to drop this whole thread and close it . As its ok by him it is ok by us and no harm done.


SixDogTeam The second hider didn't know the location of the first cache, since he's not a member. Why his cache was approved, only the approver knows. Don't mean no never mind to me, I think the whole things a hoot!
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