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Those Mapquest Maps On Each Cache Page...


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Yeah, I've notice the Wacky Maps too.


I click on a Mapquest link and sometimes it is a vague grey thing that I can't zoom in or out on.

The other Mapquest link seems to work.

Trouble is, to me I never know which on it is supposed to be.


There definitely seems to be a coding/rendering problem when the cache pages are generated.


As for the little map that comes with a cache, I notice it too that sometimes it is missing. I thought that when the Cache Description is edited that the map is removed until someone claims a find on it, or maybe just posts a note.


I just know, it doesn't seem consistant.


But like Dan Aykroyd says in "Rubber Biscuit"..... "Whadda ya want for nuthing?... bow bow bow"


:lol: The Blue Quasar


"Have you ever heard of a 'wish sandwich? A 'wish sandwich is a kind of sandwich where you have two pieces of bread and you heee heee heee, WISH you had some meat.... BOW BOW BOW" - Elwood Blues

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