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Marcusarelius' 1,000 Find!?

Happy Gillmore

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Marcus, I see you are less then 40 caches away from your 1,000th find. You are averaging 100 new finds every 60 days. Are you planning on getting your 1,000th find on the Gig Harbor Cache Machine, or do you have a special cache already picked out? I'd love to be there when this happens for you.


This is a biggy! What are your plans? Caching minds want to know. :(

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Well my only plan is to do it on 12/30/04. I haven't really decided on a destination. I would do a long mountain hike but it's winter now....


Dare I ask for suggestions?

Well Marcus,


Time is flying by and I think I will be able to join you for the milestone. When I mentioned a bit of "bushwacking" M10B's eyes sparkled up and he will likely be able to join us!



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