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An Excited Newbie!

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Hi all,


Firstly id like to introduce myself, my name is derek. I live in west yorkshire UK.

I have just recently found out about geocaching but i am very interested in the "sport" already.

Unfortunately i am at work just now (offshore) so i cant actually go to any caches untill i get home in 1 weeks time (cant wait). I have searched through the website and seen there is a lot of caches in my area. which is good. I have also been reading through the forums to get a good idea of what to expect etc.


I have found the forums very interesting. Seems like a friendly community here.

I have spent a lot of time this week preparing for going out for my first cach.

This time has been spent on sussing out how to configure my phone to get me to the caches.


For anyone interested, i am using a nokia 6600 phone. With this i have a bluetooth GPS device. I got the device a few months ago and to be honest it has been gathering dust at home. But now i have been having a proper play with it. I have a copy of tomtom mobile on my phone. I have experimented this week and found i can convert the loc files into tomtom points of interest and have already uploaded them into my phone. Although i havent used this on dry land yet it seems to be very good. I have the whole of the UK mapped on my phone in great detail so i think i will be able to get to the caches well. Tomtom will give me voice guided directions to the caches or a nearby parking area if thats what i ask of it.

I also have another programme installed to phone which uses waypoints and can be used like the normal gps devices i suspect u guys are using. So all in all i think i have the caching covered.


So far i have 78 caches installed in my phone within a 14 mile radius. this is good.

I have also converted these loc files into another format and imported them into autoroute on my laptop so i can see where i am going on there too. Again i have the 78 installed there.

What i would like to do is install the whole of the uk cach points. Is there anyway i can download all waypoints for the uk in the 1 file? or do i have to get them all individually?


Anyway thats my situation. If anyone has same phone and is interested in this method, or if it would be handy for website i can write up a tutorial explaining how to get this working, as i believe using a mobile phone isnt all that common yet. (or is it?)


I look forward to hearing from anyone. Or if you are in the Leeds area i may bump into you one of these days along an old track B)

I look forward to being a part of this community and sport.



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Geocaching in the UK is fantastic!


Well, okay, the London ones were...urban-y, but the ones in the countryside were some of the best caches I've done. Great locations, but also exceptionally well stocked and maintained.


I'll be back and caching at Christmas, but I've never been as far north as Yorkshire. Not since my ancestors were nicked there for poaching and deported to Virginia. We're still kind of sore about it.

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Now there's an interesting thought. :D When people get interested in Geocaching, they must be secluded for one week offshore before they're allowed to actually find any caches. :( That way they will read the forums, FAQs and gather as much information about the caches as they can before they get out there and find or place caches.


Of course, I'm kidding.


Welcome to the addiction.

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most of my nearest cache's to home are in west yorkshire, if we are off together any time i'm only to willing to pass on any advise i can,email me if you fancy a day out cache'ing in your area.i will be at black pigs christmas camboree on the 18th dec along with alot of other cacher's try this event it should be a great day out

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