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Turning Street Address Into Latitude And Longitude

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Yes But...


While the coordinates are "in the neighborhood" they are not exact.


According to EVERY mapping database program there are 96 unique addresses on our 374 foot long street., There are in fact only 3 addresses: 7101, 7111, and 7119.


Since Christmas is coming I hope Santa and UPS are ....just a little more exact.



Santa: I'm .... In the middle house ... on the block ... but you knew that!

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This may be a little off topic, but I wish I'd found Markwell's FAQ page a month ago when I started this sport! That's great stuff. Thanks for taking the time.

I wish you had too. ;) My job as a mod here would be so much easier if people took the time to read the thread called Read First! Geocaching Frequently Asked Questions. ;):P :P


I'm glad my website helped. There's a lot of other cool sites out there with help on caching as well.

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I reviewed the FAQ section and found the sites suggested for locating Waypoints. One time I did a google search and found a site that allowed me to move the mouse over the map, and as I did so, the Lat/Lon adjusted constantly to show where I was. I have been unable to remember/find this site again. It didn't require clicking a spot, just moving the mouse which came in very handy. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a site like this.

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