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I Can Live With The Cold Temp Here.

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Come cache in the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, the northern part of the park is essentially free of poisonous snakes, poison ivy/sumac/oak, and deer ticks.


Sure...most days in January and February are below zero, but its (mostly) worth it.



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Man-o-man that's one frosty temp up there Murfster! We were up on Orangeville today and were suprised by the amount of snow that we encountered at the caches. It was up over my knees (enough short jokes peoples... I can hear you snickering from here). Decided to go with it and made snow angels at one cache and slid down a hill on another. <_< Can't beat it, join it!

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It is -21, going up to -17 (woohoo!) today in Southern Ontario. Last evening our power was off for about an hour and a half. When it came back on and we could read the thermostat, it had gone down from 23 to 16 - inside the house! - with 2 warm walls! (condos)...


You know, I like snow, I like caching in snow, but I don't like to freeze. Sorry, no caching for us today...




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Isn't that from calvin & hobbes? (the snow snakes not the -20 degree temps)


I don't think so... I remember running around on the Athabasca Glacier 30 years ago chasing 'snow snakes' for the Gorbies (tourists). Oh what fun we had!


Oh, and by the way, thanks Logger for restraining yourself from making any comments about the vertically challenged in the group ;)


You know what? With enough snow on the ground, I might just be able to walk up to 15th View and reach the cache without a ladder.


The freezing rain has stopped now but my door is frozen shut. No caching today.

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