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Groundspeak Fundraising With Yjtb?

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What, you smelled a conspiracy with the topic title? :lol: Get yer mind outta the gutter!


Wondered if YJTB (those extras, if they are still out there) should be offered on Groundspeak for folks to purchase. Could be a nifty little item to snag. I know the "contest" is coming to a close, but reluctant to take one out of circulation since they are, after all, travel bugs, and I personally feel the ones moving around out there should continue to do so, plus they still may be an attraction for newer geocachers, whether or not there's a contest ongoing.


Anyhoo, my 2 year old daughter has been hollering for the darn "Yellooo Jeep Ta-vel Bug" ever since we put it back in a cache. Yes, I've purchased her every manner of Jeep toys, to no avail. I've even attached a travel bug to these toys, and still no joy. They just don't have that... whatever.... that a toddler likes.


I'm a desparate daddy trying to get a YJTB to keep, and I'm willing to pay, kids. B) I bet I'm not the only one in the caching world, and think this may make a nice item to sell with tee shirts, etc...


edit: Oh, yeah, ideas for gc items to sell might make a good discussion.

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Check eBay...someone was selling them there a while ago. B)

I know you were being facetious...


but I'll respond anyhow. B)


There's several in the area I could grab, but will not. The reasons I will not do that apply to getting one on Ebay, too. They belong in circulation until the plug gets pulled or someone at gc says "they are fair game, retire them!"


Ok, I'm probably being idealistic here. Yet, without my ideals, I am nothing. Call me stupid if you like, that's just the way I am. I'm very new at all of this, but I feel whatever cacher pimped themselves to retrieve those YJTBs and then sell them on ebay are not true cachers at heart.


If I got one on Ebay, I'd probably get it going along it's geocaching travel adventure. :lol:

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