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Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
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Lately I have noticed that a lot of people are asking questions that have been previously asked Like the quetsion asked in this topic http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=85093 another example try searching true north you should get 15 different topics all about the same thing. If something so little as true north comes up 15 times most of your questions have probaly been previously asked. So I thought that mabye people don't know how to properly use the search engine. Before you post a topic asking a question try searching it here is how to.



In the top right you will see several buttons one of them should be the search button click it. Type in the topic you are searching. Now here comes the real problem. Look at some of the search options. One of them will give you the option of searching topics or posts to save some inconviences click the topic one. Another option will be how far back to search. Now you may not find your question has been posted in the last 30 days so try looking further back I usually look as far back as possible.


If you follow these tips you should get the answer to your question faster and make it easier for other people to get the answer to a question. Now I understand that some topics need updating once in awhile such as surveys and such but for everything else try searching it first it will save you a lot of time.


Thank you, B)

Shoobie & the Sand Crabs

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did you run a search, to see if their were other threads about how to run a search? B)







actually i was just razzing you.... not trying to kill the thread. :lol:

but 'forum search' turns a up a couple, theres more no doubt, but under some under wording.

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