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PDA for members only?


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just wondering. i have my wifes palm V pda and wanted to download the caches to it. i really cant find any info on the site on how to do it other than the page that explains how to download waypoints into the gps. is it only a premium member feature? will it explain how to do it when i become a premium member? please help icon_frown.gif




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To get the GPX files, you do need to be a premium member. When you fill out the Pocket Query form, select GPX file (or LOC if you want to upload info to your GPS). When it emails the file to you, you have a variety of choices as to how you want to view it. I personally use and highly recommend CACHEMATE



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You can also look in de software section of this forum for more apps that support LOC and/or GPX. For PDA (PPC only) take a look at CacheDragon. GPXView is also showing GPX info. CacheMaps takes both GPX and LOC for showing your caches on a lot of different maps. For PDA us, GPX Spinner is very good for showing the cache info.


I use GPX files, read these into CacheMaps and finds maps (using CacheMaps) for the caches to visit, generate GPXSpinner output (using CacheMaps) for these caches, load these to my PDA, directly download the waypoint info from CacheMaps into my GPS (using GPSBabel in the background) and off I go.


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