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Double Logs!!

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:( OOOppps, Am i the only plonker who does this? According to geocachinguk clearly i am not :blink: Thanks to Davy Boy (who clearly has nothing better to do) he pointed out that the site has a section dedicated to people who have "double logged" caches....Mmmm and clearly my mind is going with age and i had done it twice :P Now corrected and a huge weight lifted off my guilty shoulders, at least i can sleep with a clear conscience now :D Thanks Dave (***)
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I am sure that I have done it on a few occassions. The computer crashes or locks up just as you hit enter and you are not sure if it went through and you don't want to wait till tomorrow just to find out that you lost it all and have to start again. Also GC does go down on occassion and you can't find out right away and then LIFE happens and you forget to check it out......... If you think you have done a double post and remember it at some time when things are going good then doublecheck and remove if you have or sigh a sign of relief that it all went through.





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We haven't double-logged yet but was wondering what to do if I went out and did a cache on my own & logged it & then Bob went and did the same cache on his own? It does sometimes happen as he has visited a cache when I'm working and I have been particularly keen to go to as well and have gone at a later date but have not logged it.

We don't want to cache under separate names as that would mess up our finds to date! So do we continue to log the caches just the once?


Sarah x

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.......me an' all :D


Do you remember our exchange of posts when I thought I had got my first ton Alex and you pointed out that I had'nt :D  :(  :)  :D  :D  :D  :D

I do remember that. Just shows that even the best can make mistakes. :D


I think I was trying to be helpful though, rather than trolling. And to be fair, I also think I sent you an email and didn't post anything on the forums.


It is easily done though. I double logged myself only this week and although I don't usually keep note of numbers, I did notice that I have gained an extra point somewhere in the week and went back and found that I had claimed a find when I was droppong a travel bug into a cache. As I said, even the best do it. :)

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But dont forget some times its ok :)

Note that some caches move from place to place by their nature, or are relocated for other reasons, so it is entirely appropriate for them to be logged multiple times by the same person


Just trying to justify my name on the list :D:)


Now DD tell us more about your cheating :(

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Can someone put up a link to this "double logging" page as I cant find it.  :)

Even that isn't fool proof though, as it show me as having logged Miles Apart Z twice when I haven't. :D

Its pre-emptive :) maybe your GOING to :(


It should correct it self. but I will check later

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I think I was trying to be helpful though, rather than trolling. And to be fair, I also think I sent you an email and didn't post anything on the forums.


....that's very true my friend, and I was grateful at the time, I seem to remember telling you I had been mortified by what I had done and you replied telling me to lighten up, it was only a game, advice I hope I have followed since!

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As I pointed out on the Cheating thread...where is the point of intentionally double (or more) logging??


Other than it being purely accidental...I just don't see why anyone would be ashamed of being found (the word 'caught' implies intention) to have double logged!



We have a double log on a cache that proved difficult for people to find. After we found it the owner moved t a completely new location so we found it a second time. Same cache, different find.

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As it says on the page you aren't necessarily cheating we have a found on an adopted cache so we show as finding our own cache.

The attended a meeting log does relieve some pressure for organisers though.

I personnally manage my finds using GSAK so i can compare the two stats. This did involve downloading the GPX individually of some archived caches.

As for double logs as a cache owner i would excercise my options. After appropriate emails. I have helped newbies log finds when they only posted a note and got finds changed to notes on occasion.

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I've logged this one FIVE times............ so is that 'cheating'???

No. It's not cheating there are lots of reasons to log the same cache more than once i only quoted one example cause it applies to us, i was just about to cite ye old survey monuments as a prime example when i realised that was your link :( .

The cuckoo cache would also apply.

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Who, exactly, do the cheats think they are cheating?


Are they cheating anybody but themselves?


Surely the fun of bagging a dozen (or a hundred or a thousand or whatever) geocaches is in the hunt for those caches.


The score-keeping is a little bit like a photo album. It's a lovely way of reviewing caches found and savouring happy memories (as well as midge bites; tick embedments; bramble scratches, nettle stings; muddy slips; frozen fingers; and aching feet!)


Double logging of caches can be caused acidentally or it may be legit, such as in the now defunct Victorian letterbox locationless, but if someone thinks that they are winning something by making bogus log claims, then they are only cheating themselves.


Cheers, The Forester

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